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Connect now. Lack of focus, real management, and tried and true company policies and practices make this restaurant a very difficult place to work. Restaurants should work like a well oiled machine. Proper policies and practices in place with real management to oversee their implementation ensures a restaurant does just that.

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Wokcano Bartender. Very easy to bartend their in my opinion. People dont order complicated drinks just mainly the usuals, i. Good place to work just this location in particular died down pretty fast. Good for quick cash. NOT longterm employment. Terrible ownership.

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Direct management was pleasant however, the company makes it clear that staff is easily replaceable and completely unvalued. Good money but high, high stress and demands from company owners. Make your cash and get out. Very poor and unprofessional management. Corporate oblivious to it or just doesn't care and is underhanded in their tactics.

They make money through "other means", not actual restaurant sales as many of their restaurant concepts fail and are losing money yet they keep popping new restaurants. Breaks a lot of CA-Labor Laws. The staff were great and I enjoyed working there for them. It was great, great food! Jodie Turner on Facebook. Very friendly, competent staff. Good came quickly and was hot and delicious! Kellie Dellutri on Facebook. Honestly a really bad experience here tonight. The manager was a complete dick to my table of 8 tonight over a military ID that HE didnt know how to read.

And after insisting it was fake, he refused to let him show his other form of identification.

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Not that he would know how to read that since he seemed to be an idiot anyways. Then after insisting it was fake, he proceeded to kick us all out. We paid our bill, had no issues with the waiter, but still the manager called US the delinquents with alcohol problems? We all had one drink with our food and the issue came when a friend arrived later and showed his military ID. Nobody was belligerent or were we being delinquents in anyway.

It's funny It's funny to me seeing this play out. I also know how to go about handling these situations and this guy was totally in the wrong. Like I said, high horse saying "I can refuse to serve you" yeah you can, but why would you want to refuse a large table of obviously paying customers for your failing business. Obviously you need to save money if you have to take away your happy hour!

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What a joke that you would turn away paying customers over a mistake that you refuse to own up to. Have some integrity for yourself, your business, and have some respect for our military instead of accusing them of having a fake ID. Like I said, you were totally in the wrong and have no respect for yourself on this business if this is how you treat people.

Talking about the fat bald manager wearing the ugly turquoise shirt tonight that barely fit over his gut. You're a piece of work buddy and you shouldnt be anywhere near a front of house service job. If you cant respect the customers coming to you for service then why do it.

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I'll be carrying this review to any other site I can and will be contacting my family member that works for the signal about this. Austin Hare on Facebook. Had an awful experience at Wokcano Valencia tonight.