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There are a number of differences -- today's GOTD is not a scam. Which one is better?

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Akbar Burnaware Premium, because: - Recovers files from unreadable Discs and separate sessions. Ok clicked a few times and managed to get a download started. Can't burn your own home movies in BluRay. Tried adding. Software is looking for other missing files from a movie disc. Back to Sony's PlayMemoriesHome software which is free btw Thought I'd give this a try to see if its any easier to do. A hassle to get a password to get the key.

Had to select 'forgot password' and go through resetting password procedure to get one as had no account Did the software updates and still works. No big deal if it voids its-self as probably will dump it anyway as have a few other burning software that works just fine. For that you need an authoring program -- videohelp. That authoring app will either create an ISO file or a set of files that burning software can burn to disc. I have been buying the updates for the last 10 years, now I can load it FREE on my other computers and tell my friends about the offer..

What I thought was odd was the offer for a free upgrade to Would upgrading blow my licensed version back to a "free to try" version? Mike Ritter It's OK. It's just bug fixes. Download website is offering Those who complain about the spamming use a throw away email plenty of them out there. Telling them not to send you material is an open invite for them. The prices are reasonable and the software functions well and a bargain for the money.

I checked. It is Ashampoo Burning Studio - Version This is a very good program. OK, downloaded and installed I opened my present program and suddenly an ad for the "Premium " popped up For my needs what I have is OK. There is a Cnet ratings are good, so do I. I recall when burning programs were VERY expensive Ashampoo works well and simple to use. Personally I like this company and their products. The Slideshow program in my experience is one of the best tho not expensive.

Another Ashampoo Giveaway. On purchased products, a pop-up widow appears saying that code was already used. To their credit, Ashampoo customer support is good to take care of reestablishing registration but what a hassle having to go through the entire process of emailing back and forth with each individual product at a time. It would be nice to be able to do it in bulk. Anyway, thanks Ashampoo and giveawayoftheday.

Concerning reestablishing registration: I state "It would be nice to be able to do it in bulk. I do like their products.

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The version was great, download yourself some shampoo, its great! Been using various versions of ashampoo burning studio for quite a few years now. I've tried some of the other burning softwarej available and keep coming back to ashampoo. Will certainly grab this nice freebie from GOTD. I went to the publishers website. I was unable to find Burning Studio I did find Burning Studio Could the publisher explain the difference between the two programs? A product that is on sale is identified by a version number. A product which isn't on sale is identified by a year number.

Thus: You can buy Burning Studio 16 , the latest update of which -- Or you can obtain for nothing, Ashampoo's stripped-down free version: Burning Studio Ashampoo doesn't really help itself -- or anyone else -- when it comes to accurately describing its giveaways. Of course it doesn't. As a commercial product, Burning Studio doesn't even exist. What should be borne in mind, however, is this. Ashampoo is a generally excellent developer. Its Burning Studio program long since de-throned the expensive Roxio and the hopelessly bloated Nero. I've used Burning Studio for years and wouldn't dream of using anything else.

I also have a selection of other Ashampoo commercial products. That's because, if you download an Ashampoo free product like Burning Studio 16 you can register it and have your own Ashampoo account. You'll also pay the real retail price for an Ashampoo product, not the inflated one that's attached to products primarily for marketing purposes. But if you log into Ashampoo's website today as a "member", the price is. Ashampoo's business model then is to attract customers with giveaways and then hang onto 'em with a seemingly unending range of special offers as well as "member" prices that are half the alleged retail prices.

The paranoid, as well as those who haven't much clue how to use a computer, will of course tell you that registering with Ashampoo -- becoming a "member" -- will expose you to Ashampoo spam which you can't possibly control. Of course you can. Takes 2 minutes to organise server side filtering.

Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 Review

However: if you do indeed do that, then yes, you will miss out on some excellent deals. And I've now just purchased from Ashampoo, some specialist image manipulation software created by its partner developer, BenVista. As ever and always then, it's your choice. I have paid for an earlier version of their full burning program, and it was worth it to me. The free versions also will burn video DVDs from videos that have been converted to the DVD format, and there are other free programs to do that but not from Ashampoo.

That is difficult if you don't know what to do. The pay version of this program does it automatically. You can install this free version and it never expires. On their website you can download the trial version of the pay version, and it works fully for 30 days then expires unless you pay for it. You can try the extra video features fully with no limits for the 30 days. MikeR Numbers are sometimes confusing. Thanks for this clear explanation!

MikeR Yeah, they offer some nice bargains and quite handy tools, for the situations where you don't need the full-blown special-apps. MikeR "expensive Roxio and the hopelessly bloated Nero": Ashampoo is more expensive as Roxio original price and Nero can 10 x more - for me is Ashampoo unusable because it can not handle files from WMC and many other formats and can only burn DVD with max.

Luke " Unfortunately for me, just purchased Ashampoo BS a few days ago Install without problems on Windows 8. Lot of features, but not supported on systems older than Windows 7.

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  • Stan WoW, what a deal you got. I can't even find your product at Ashampoo's website. That's one more thing, I dislike about Ashampoo. Thanks anyway Allan Complaining about free stuff is not cool. And the spamming can be stopped with an email request, can it not? Stan You can't have "purchased" Ashampoo Burning Studio It doesn't exist as a commercial product. If you instead purchased Ashampoo Burning Studio 16, then you have a fully functional, fully featured burning program. I just compared the version at the website and the offer we got.

    Correct, the spam part is easy to deal with - especially, when people are prepared. Have a nice day All rights reserved. Patent Pending. No, thanks Yes, I'd like to. Don't miss all the cool giveaways. Allow notifications in your browser. Ashampoo Burning Studio was available as a giveaway on January 14, ! Download trial Ashampoo Burning Studio ArtPlus Easy Noter Pro 4.

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    No similar feedback found. Feel free to add yours! Developed by Informer Technologies, Inc. Developed by Disc Soft Ltd. Thanks for your research in good quality products. I am a die-hard fan of your newsletter. Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 keeps the power and simplicity that made version 6 such a runaway success and adds several major new functions, including DVD video burning, modified copies and bootable discs. These are all functions that users of previous versions have asked for and they make a great program even better.

    Then I decided to try the new CD Burner 6. This is a great deal -- and I promise, you won't disappointed. Jump to Navigation. Search form Search. Well, that may not sound too exciting, but read on -- because you won't want to miss this one! Ashampoo Burning Studio: Versus The Competition If you've been a subscriber to our newsletter for any length of time, you know that I've been recommending Ashampoo Burning Studio for years since version 4! Select Files. Burn Disc. It's that simple! Ashampoo Burning Studio 7: What's New Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 keeps the power and simplicity that made version 6 such a runaway success and adds several major new functions, including DVD video burning, modified copies and bootable discs.

    Ashampoo Burning Studio 7: Download Now! Download your copy of Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 Now! You'd be crazy not to hop on this deal! Filed under:.