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All gray area is eliminated. The DataBar was designed as an improvement, after all. But if the old bar codes were far from perfect, the new bar codes are certainly far from infallible. But not for much longer, if the industry has its way — for better or worse. Your email address will not be published. Your Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Which of those sets of circumstances is most likely to become reality, depends on whom you ask.

Share this! Tweet this! Tags: Bar codes. Cash-back savings apps:. Bear Trace Golf Courses are excluded. Special discounts and coupons are offered on camping, lodging and restaurant promotions. To take advantage of these promotions, check the state park home web page or sign-up to receive Tennessee State Park emails. Sign-up here. Discounts for TCRS cardholders are available only to retired full-time state employees or other TCRS members that qualified for discounts prior to retirement.

Not all TCRS cardholders will qualify. Persons qualifying for these discounts are not eligible for additional discounts for the same services. Discounts are available only for the room, suite, cabin, or campsite occupied by the employee. Discounts are not valid for additional overnight units rented or paid for by the discount recipient. State employees or other eligible persons visiting a state park on official business or attending a state-sponsored conference or meeting are not eligible for the lodging discount but will be extended the official state rate instead.

Nearly every place you look there are ways to save money. And as they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. Unless you live in an area where public transportation is ample and safe, you probably own at least one vehicle. Keep up with comparably inexpensive regular vehicle maintenance. Some bed and breakfasts are most expensive than a hotel. But not AirBnB. This service matches home or vacation home owners with people who want a getaway. And the prices are significantly less expensive, so you can carve your budget down.

Many families budget for vacation months or longer in advance. So if you travel the thrifty way, take the remainder of your budget and put it into your retirement. Here are more ideas for saving money on travel. No matter if you are happy or sad about the empty nest, all of us should definitely use this as an opportunity to save more for retirement.

With fewer mouths to feed, a newly empty nest is a great time to increase the amount of money you contribute to your retirement savings. After college costs are taken care of. If you are lucky enough to get a tax return, this is an excellent opportunity to boost your retirement savings.

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Sure, there is lots you could spend the money on, but why not invest in your future security and happiness? All of the ideas listed above about how to save more money for retirement are just tricks. Instead of looking for large chunks of money, think about ways to save that are a whole lot smaller. The trick is doing that regularly. But if you consistently find and shift underutilized money away from your regular spending pot, it will eventually add up to the same deposit.

Get more info about minimizing taxes on your retirement accounts and the best states for taxes. When you choose to retire early, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

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Obviously, you need to figure out how much you will need to retire early. What benefits come from retiring at 62 versus 65? What are the savings differences? The only way to know for sure is to crunch the numbers and track of them quarterly. Many things are taken into consideration when calculating an exact number. NewRetirement Planner Achieve financial security for your retirement. Login Expert Advice. Kathleen Coxwell May 24, About half of Americans retire early — between the ages of 61 and Tips for Early Retirement Whether you equate early retirement with the youngest age you can begin collecting social security currently 62 or an age much, much younger, here are 37 tips, tricks and hacks to get there as soon as possible.

Eliminate Debt and Retire Early Debt weakens one of your most powerful wealth-building tools: your income.

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Consider Your Future Retirement Budget Needs Carefully Cutting your spending now can increase your ability to save more and retire early. After all, the less you need to spend in the future, the less savings you will actually need. Cut Household Expenses Now If you want to retire early, you might need to make some short and long-term sacrifices. Dramatically cutting expenses benefits you in several ways: It frees up more money to pay down debt and set aside for savings It conditions you to live on less money — which will come in handy when you lose earnings in retirement It reduces the amount of money you require to live on, thus lowering the amount you need to save To get a handle on where your money is going now, sign up for a free finance tracking service like Mint.

Take Advantage of Catch Up Retirement Savings Once you have figured out the best way to cut your current expenses, you will be better able to start taking advantage of catch up retirement savings. Before you retire early, make sure you have a plan for staying engaged. Plan for Healthcare Costs — Especially Insurance Before You Qualify for Medicare One of the biggest drawbacks to an early retirement is how to fund healthcare before you qualify for Medicare. Adopt Healthy Habits Adopting healthy habits can help you live longer and minimize your out of pocket health expenditures.

Dramatically Reduce What You Spend on Housing Housing costs are usually — by far — the single biggest expenditure for any household.

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Go Smaller — Even Tiny! Want an Early Retirement? Plan for Retirement Abroad Another housing option that can help you achieve an early retirement is moving abroad. If you really want to cut costs, consider living in an area with reliable public transportation. Keep Increasing Your Savings Rate Every time you cut an expense, get a bonus or raise or free up money in your budget one way or another, make sure that money is redirected to either: Paying down debt Saving for retirement Experiment with different savings rates using the NewRetirement retirement planning calculator.

See what kind of a difference big and little changes will make for you. Create Guaranteed Income Streams Research has shown that retirees who receive guaranteed income in retirement tend to be happier than those whose retirement income is vulnerable to stock market fluctuations. In your talks with potential employers, make it clear exactly what you are after. Retire Early. Pick a date and duration for your break.

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Maintain a Living Financial Plan and Keep it Updated To retire early — with enough money to stay retired — is a tall order, but it is doable. Best of all, your data is saved and you can make updates or try different scenarios at any time. Round Up Your Checking Account Are you one of those people who keeps a precision checking account balance down to the last percentage of a penny? Save Dining out for Special Occasions Packing a lunch and cooking dinner at home never looked better than when you realize how much you can save.

Lunch is often on-the-go, and that means fast food. Earned an Income Bump? Increase Your Savings Rate! Make Savings Automated There are different approaches to how to save for retirement. This type of saver might deposit their paychecks and hope that something is leftover as savings. Some people consciously deposit money into dedicated retirement savings accounts. Others automate the process. They deduct savings from their paycheck and automatically add them to existing investments.

Your human resources department or your bank can help you set up an automated system. Some payments can make a huge difference. Never Ever Spend Coins Have you known someone who always had a coin jar someplace in the house? In this case, a penny saved will help provide you with a steady retirement income later. Take Care of Your Vehicle Unless you live in an area where public transportation is ample and safe, you probably own at least one vehicle.

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Those trips can really add up fast. When you carve your budget down, you know what to do from there. Getting a Tax Return? Put it Into Your Retirement Savings If you are lucky enough to get a tax return, this is an excellent opportunity to boost your retirement savings.

Outsmart Yourself! Sometimes you have to outsmart your money. And sometimes you have to outsmart yourself. Pay Attention to Taxes Taxes can add or subtract thousands from your bottom line each year. A few quick tips: Living in a state with a high tax base? Consider relocation to a state with a low tax rate — especially once you retire.

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When it comes time to take withdrawals from your retirement savings accounts, monitor your tax bracket very carefully Be careful to take mandatory withdrawals after age Can You Retire Early? Get Started.