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So thank you!! Any feedback on my questions will be greatly appreciated. What a great post! I had never heard of this until I was doing research for my post about coupon ethics, you did a great job of explaining what it is and why it is wrong. I feel like there are enough good deals to be had that this is really unnecessary.

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I also came across another blog recently that talked about using the wrong coupon on multiple items but she justified doing so because she was donating it all to charity. To me that is nothing more than thievery, taking the high moral ground of Robin Hood. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor is still stealing. Thank you, again, Mindi, for stepping up on your soapbox and setting the record straight about barcode decoding and how it is ethically and morally wrong.

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I realize that more and more people are using coupons and we need to let them know the correct usage. I have recently seen two videos of couponers on thier local new channel admitting that they used a coupon for something other than what was on the coupon and was was so frustrated because I knew that this is wrong. Continue the good work you are doing and continue your posts on the ethical use of coupons. You go ladies!! Thanks for posting this- I saw recent newscasts promoting decoding as well and thought it was wrong but now I KNOW it is wrong.

Great post!!! Great post. I was horrified to see a couple of blogs that I always thought were credible explain the art of barcode decoding. Thanks for this in-depth post.

Nicole did an awesome job too! Thanks for this post. Then I realized what I was doing was selling my integrity for. Excellent post! This sooo needed to be shared! When I started couponing, I became aware of this and backed away like I never even saw it. I know people who actually teach couponing classes and TEACH how to decipher codes as a part of the class. Is that not sick! How are we supposed to get legit deals when an army of couponers are being taught the fraudulent way to do it?? I even had someone send me an email and try to tell me how I could use one — um, no thanks!

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Great post! I always try to avoid posting deals I see elsewhere that are using coupons wrong. Thanks for sharing! Great post and very relevant. I have been using coupons for sometime now and have to say it is getting tougher to handle day by day. Because of few people using and blogging about illegitimate use of coupons it has becoming so difficult to deal with most store cashiers. Most of them look at you as if you are a thief and when sometimes they say they have bad experience with some customers, so now they have to read through each coupon just to make sure.

These people kill the deal for everyone and make everyone using the coupon look bad. I love couponing ethics. There are so many people blindly following coupon abusers advice. Thank you for the posting. Coupons have been out for a long time, and companies really do know what they are doing. The coupon works for any flavor. They just want to draw our attention to their products. If they want me to print their coupons and run around town trying to find their specific flavors all over the place, they can kiss my business goodbye.

I think they code them this way so that people can easily try their products without a hassle. Just my two cents. I truly respect what you have said and can agree with you on some points. This is exactly the problem. Maybe for a minute think V8 fusion are to promote 2 of their new flavors or 2 of its not-so-much-selling products. If we justify each of purchases like this and I am sure we can there will be no end.

I am using the Aveeno coupon that is meant for ageless, well because they want me try Aveeno product and not their positive ageless. Each one can find excuses for what they do. What if we just leave this coupon and take it for its wording. If the company sees its product not moving inspite of the coupon will it not re-think about the wording and probably put out generic coupon for all flavors? I have to agree with Crystal at thrifty mama. I am remaining open-minded on this issue until I have a definite answer. I am angered that blogs such as the 2 comments above would promote using coupons incorrectly.

Also, she is out and out lying when she says those flavors are not out yet from V8 — I was just at SuperTarget this weekend and they were there. Oftentimes new products and flavors are slower to reach some areas than others. Wow, those are some strong words from Amy.

I would never speak so harshly to someone I had never met or did not know their circumstances. I agree completely with your post that you should use a coupon for what it says it is good for. It makes me sad to see all the negative, judgemental comments. It is a shame so many people are willing to put others down in an effort to elevate themselves, or prove a point. Hi Sara! I think that her stores have yet to carry the new flavors. But I cannot and will not support using coupons for other than they are intended…and just like any contract, the wording of the coupon is the offer.

With that in mind, I made my feelings known on this subject and hope that I educated a few people about some bad information that many have been getting, both on the news and some coupon classes. I work very hard to be ethical and honest. I have not seen these new V8 flavors anywhere. If a company is the one responsible for it and they say it is okay, then there is no issue. Final say is up to the company, and if they say yes, well there you go. If we always base everything on what companies intend, we will have to stop doing all the deals that get us free items, or even get us overage.

I do believe this is a gray area, and you must do what you feel is right. I will in the future be very careful in the coupon deals I promote, because I do not want to cause anyone to stumble. Thanks for the post, and I am very blessed by it. We all do need to continually re-evaluate our couponing practices to make sure we stay honest and ethical. If we are not sure what the company intended by its wording or we are just in doubt, how about sending them a mail or calling and asking. Why do we in that situation assume we might be the correct ones?

It is not just 1 person then being unethical. It is 1 multiplied by all the followers multiplied by every illegitimate coupon they use. The V8 coupon is clearly for 2 specific products only. I think Mindi is dead on with her blog post. There are also others, such as Money Saving Mom, who only promote the most ethical use of coupons. Thank you for the post Mindi! Products do not show up at the same time all over the US. Yet the manufacturer allowed the coupon to be printed in all zip codes.

If I had the V8 coupon and I looked for the product and never found it I would feel justified using it on another flavor. How does everyone feel about the Tresseme deal this week. When I was in the store I noticed it but then I noticed that the picture had ALL of their products on it not just the 24hr. The coupon scanned and the cashier accepted it. I do not believe that is unethical. Buying pampers when a coupon is meant for teeth whitener is just ridiculous.

However, I know manufacturers strategically put the picture of the most expensive item on a coupon because people think it has to match the picture and they put any in tiny letters under the brand. Like the Tresseme. Oh and how many of you have been using the axe coupons and the dove coupons for trial sizes. Do you really think the company intended for you to use it on the trial to get it for free? Here is an interesting question. The B1G1 coupons with the B1G1 deals are no question for me. That is ethical because they are getting the amount for that coupon so they are still profiting what they were expecting off of the sale.

But what about when you have a B1G1 coupon and a regular sale. I have always assumed that the items involved in the coupon were required for the coupon making them ineligible for another coupon because of the 1 coupon per item clause in the coupons. A couple weeks ago I used a b1g1 on the schick razors at walgreens with the store coupon too nonissue. If I had known we were allowed to do that I would have used that too.

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The same thing with my bacon peelie the other day. Is it really ethical to use a coupon for the biscuits since technically the coupon was off the bacon or is that wrong because the coupon for the bacon required the biscuit purchase. Amy — I do not boldly lead people to use coupons falsely.

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However, since I consider a lot of couponing ethics to be gray areas and personal choices, I do not judge or think ill of these people. I hope that we can all agree to disagree on some points, and not pass judgment on people.

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I agree with Heidi in that if I use my ink and paper to print a coupon from a company and then travel to at least two different stores trying to find the deal, I should be able to use the coupon if it is programmed for any item. I use my ink and paper to print a coupon from a company and then travel to at least two different stores trying to find the deal, I should be able to use the coupon if it is programmed for any item.

But telling that you spent ink and gas on the coupon, entitles you to use a coupon that is not legitimate, is just wrong. LOL, seems like no matter what I say everyone wants to throw stones. To each their own. Matt totally misunderstood me but I think I am done here. Not worth my time to try to defend myself. I will. I know that you are very ethical in your couponing and I respect you tremendously. You have proven yourself to be a person who cares about doing what is right. I also believe that you are an intelligent Christian that thinks through issues carefully with the time that the Lord has given you.

There are a few posts here that are emotional in nature and are not well thought out; they are just rants. The family code and value code are set up arbitrarily by the UPC coordinator for the manufacturer. It must be done that way because a coupon will often be usable for a whole family of products. For example, a coupon might be good for four different kinds of soap made by the same manufacturer. In the same way, the value code represents the value of the coupon arbitrarily. The manufacturer sends the retailer the data that tells the retailer's computer exactly which products fit the family code, and exactly how much to take off.

When the coupon is scanned, the POS computer:. The next time you go to the store, pick up a product -- any product. Look at its UPC code: Now you know what it means! What is a Coupon Code?