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Hsu Research VTF-15H MK2 and VTF-3 MK5 HP Subwoofer Reviews

Trending Blu-ray Movies. Top 10 Sellers. Top 10 Pre-orders. I contacted them today, they had a decent package price on their 3.

Any idea on frequency of sales? It seems like their sales change every couple of months, but they always have something on sale. Thanks for the info I've never tracked HSU prices so I don't know how they operate.

HSU Research CCB-8 Bookshelf Speaker Review

If I knew the price wouldn't fluctuate I would order them tonight. Their sale prices probably aren't going to exceed the discounts you get for the packages. You might also inquire about b-stock, they can sometimes have b-stock in which they don't put up on their website.

It's worth giving them a call about. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Jamesrxx posts on February 19, I received both of mine today also. Messed with some tuning and it sounded pretty good. Then I did the accuEQ on my receiver. When it was testing the subs, I heard low frequency tones I never heard when it was testing the polks.

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Then I played more music including some bass heavy and bass bass guitar music. The lows never sounded so good. It is very accurate sounding. Some stuff felt like it was punching you in the chest it was so isolated and clean. No more low hz noises either. I could only imagine what some of the more expensive subs sounds like. I still have more tuning and playing with REW but it was worth the money. The Chukker posts on February 19, The new one arrived today and it is installed.

It sounds amazing — no issues. Big shout out to Leo at HSU for helping me diagnose the issue and the quick turnaround on a new unit — it was here in less than a week.

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Turns out the issue was a rare manufacturing defect with one of the ports not the cracked mdf like I thought. Jamesrxx posts on February 14, Looks like I will order 2 HSU's. That extra money be repurposed to something else in my system. Thanks for the input guys. Jamesrxx, post: , member: Thanks. I would spend the extra if it is worth it, but if I could use the money elsewhere, I would rather do that. I would go HSU. You cant go wrong with either.