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Computer controlled metering delivers the precise volume of water to ensure optimal cleaning with no waste.

Washing a car at home in the drive-way wastes about litres water. Be part of the solution to conserving one of our most precious resources. Engine and brake residue, antifreeze, grease, oil, and other harmful pollutants cling to the surface of your car, particularly its tires, wheels and fenders. These are environmental concerns to consider when choosing where to wash your car.

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Washing your car at home results in these contaminants and soap chemicals running directly into storm sewers that flow into local streams, rivers and eventually the ocean. Time for a solution. Lets stop dumping biohazards into our water supply. Selected sites nationwide also offer a self-serve car wash option if you would prefer to wash your vehicle yourself.


We have 55 conveniently located Car Wash locations throughout Australia. We guarantee a safe, scratch free wash for your car and have a dedicated customer service team for any issues that you may have.

Our highly efficient automated car wash provides you with a complete program of services. All our car wash machines are fitted with state of the art brush technology, used by leading luxury car brands worldwide.

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Many of our sites also now feature 'touchless' wash options. Super dry - powerful dryers remove the excess water.

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What is the impact on the environment? How much does the Car Wash cost?