Honey coupon code app review

It will automatically apply coupon codes if it can find them to your shopping cart. It also works with Amazon, but in my experience, the extension was never able to find me any coupons. The founder, Ryan Hudson, thought of the idea for Honey when he was ordering a pizza for his kids and was prompted to enter a coupon code during checkout. He thought how great it would be to automate the process of finding a coupon code, and the idea for Honey was sparked.

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You will need to create a Honey account before you can go through with the transaction and receive your discount if Honey finds you one. It lets you log in through Facebook. Once installed, a small Honey icon will appear on your browser and will also flash green if it happens to find you deals on the site you are visiting. Click on the Honey button and it will show you a list of what deals you can take advantage of. When you shop online you automatically earn Honey Gold points, which Honey allows you to convert into gift cards.

You need at least 1, Honey Gold points to be able to redeem them.

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  • Honey – A Quality Service To Save Money, or a Scam??
  • Honey App Reviews - (Save Money Online with Honey Coupon App)!
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They also offer ways to earn Honey Gold Bonuses, instant promo codes, and a percentage back, which are all ways you can earn more points. You could invite your friends to use Honey in order to earn more points.

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Honey makes the sharing part easy too, by giving you access to a special link after you log in to your account. It allows you to share it directly to your Facebook messenger, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. You can also choose to customize your invite which creates a unique referral page for you to share. When I shop online I mostly only buy from Amazon. Honey also tells me if there were recent price drops for that item. It gives me peace of mind to go ahead and purchase. You can access your Droplist when you log in to your Honey account.

Honey App Reviews 2018 – (Save Money Online with Honey Coupon App)

I decided to try Droplist when shopping on Amazon recently for some contact paper. I clicked on it to find a cheaper alternative from a different seller. It saved me a little bit of time and effort. They work with a number of travel discount sites and help you find deals and vouchers for flights and hotels. When you use the Honey extension to shop online, you can collect Honey Keys. These are virtual keys that give you access to exclusive hotel rates.

The concept of an extension automatically looking for coupon codes for you is a great idea, but perhaps the concept of online coupon codes is too shaky for it to be able to consistently save you money. In my own experience using Honey, I admit I uninstalled it on Chrome after three months. However, a few times it pointed me to a cheaper seller on Amazon when I was at checkout, so I was able to save a few bucks here and there.

If you have ad blockers on your browser, it may prevent Honey from working properly.

How Does it Work?

You can simply disable your ad blockers and refresh the page to get it working. CouponFollow uses an extension called Cently, and is currently only available to use with Google Chrome. Sign up for our newsletter to get this budget form now! I have near heard about this browser extension before. Quoting his wife: "Bernie, what's going on? Do you have any access to records?

What is Honey?

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Honey App Reviews 2018 – (Save Money Online with Honey Coupon App)

Fact Check Computers. Misinformation is a real threat. Learn How. Claim The browser extension Honey provides coupons for online shoppers and enables consumers to accrue purchase rebates. Rating True About this rating. Support the fact checking and investigative journalism you rely on at Snopes.

Give with PayPal or Learn More. He really wished he had a coupon.

Honey – A Quality Service To Save Money, or a Scam?

That opens up your data — a stack of it — to these companies. That said, the privacy policies are varied and are not reviewed by the vast majority of these companies. Read Next : 10 best privacy apps for Android.

BYE COUPONS! Honey Chrome Extension Review 2019

They can sell information like that for big bucks. The Play Store has plenty of apps devoted to you getting a small cashback on purchases or finding coupons to save money. Some of these are downright wild west. Warning bells start to go off with this line:. Ibotta grants itself a ridiculously open privacy policy, where it can do just about anything it wants:.

Honey Chrome Extension Review: Scam or Legit?

That covers anything and everything, and is far worse than any of the plugins. These lines are big red flags few people would agree to if they understood it up front. Coupon and cashback sites make a commission from your purchases with them, which means selling your data is hardly necessary to stay afloat. Ruan pointed out that the process is the only way of getting a coupon to you at the same time. We also promise that we do not collect any data that is not necessary to save you time and money.