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Mid-June to mid-July is the hot and damp rainy season.

From September to November, the trees put on an autumnal display, and during winter the days are generally clear and cold. Japan is not a bargain destination but you can live cheaply off tasty local foods such as the ubiquitous noodles. Hotel bargains can be had outside the peak summer and winter holiday seasons. Japan has a modern health infrastructure with clinics and hospitals around the country. A good medical insurance policy is recommended in case of accidents or illness. Essential information.

Virgin Australia predicts ‘very negative’ customer impact from Air New Zealand/Qantas codeshares

Best time to go March and April are popular as the plum and cherry blossoms come out. How much will it cost Japan is not a bargain destination but you can live cheaply off tasty local foods such as the ubiquitous noodles. Health Japan has a modern health infrastructure with clinics and hospitals around the country.

Visas New Zealand passport holders do not need a visa for non-work visits up to 90 days.

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The aircraft started replacing the flying boats service in May In September , Douglas ordered the re-skinning of all DC-6 wings. It also opened up land plane operations to Melbourne, helping move passengers during the Olympic Games,and Brisbane.

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Wellington's rebuilt Rongotai Airport handled its first DC-6 service just after it re-opened in , ending trans-Tasman flying boat operations from nearby Evans Bay. Originally to be replaced by the Lockheed L Electra in , the DC-6 remained in service due to engineering issues for the Electra, until They were handed over to the RNZAF to be used as troop transports, remaining in service with the air force until This would lower operating costs as all the airlines would be able to share a common parts pool with the Electra. In late September , just prior to delivery a series of fatal accidents occurred in the US with the new aircraft.

It was discovered that propeller vibration caused a weakening of the wing to engine mountings. The FAA ordered a reduced speed operation for the type until remedial repair works were completed in The fifth aircraft operated was leased from Qantas in for a year to operate a joint seat share service to Australia, Qantas titles appeared along the rear of the fuselage.

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The remaining Electras were sold in to United States interests. This was to coincide with the completion of a new International airport for Auckland and runway lengthening at Christchurch airport. The request was approved and an order placed in for delivery in early The first DC-8 was already painted minus titles in anticipation of this.

The aircraft never flying in actual TEAL service. After the name change, however, TEAL titles appeared on the tail fin of the new airliners for two years. The airline had done the following manoeuvre many times before: the Electra, flying at precisely knots , could be flown over the runway threshold, throttled back to idle to drop almost vertically and land on the runway.

As this would never be done on a passenger flight; the reason for the procedure remains a mystery. On board were a captain, a check captain, a flight engineer, a navigator; the airline's industrial personnel officer and an emergency procedures officer standing behind them.

Travel to Australia with Air New Zealand

As Akaroa' s speed dropped below knots the aeroplane landed very heavily, collapsing the landing gear; Akaroa shed wings, engines, tailplane and tail as she skidded off the runway and across the grass towards the control tower. Somehow, the two standing officers stayed standing, the fire extinguishers were turned on and everyone was evacuated through the cockpit windows, with one man burning his hand on the escape rope.

TEAL salvaged what they could from the wreck and the remains were quickly pushed into a gully behind the NAC hangars before the public saw them. The crash took place in the early hours of the morning. The training procedure was quickly deleted from TEAL's manuals.

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  5. Then its international flights began using the NZ code that belonged to NAC and had been used for that carrier's domestic flights. However, as budget travel know-it-alls here at BackpackerGuide. However, according to too-complicated-to-comprehend algorithms devised by various airfare websites, the magic date for booking the cheapest international flight is 47 days before your flight date.

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    Or some like to say 6 weeks-2 months, but you get the idea. Additionally, booking a flight on a Tuesday is sometimes cheaper, as some airlines put prices up on a Wednesday. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are commonly known to be the cheapest days to fly on, due to the theory that everyone wants to fly on or for the weekend. Makes sense. With that in mind, you can select the cheapest day out of the week or two that you have selected.

    After all, if you are going to be in New Zealand for a few months to a year, does it really matter what exact day you arrive on? There are three types of flight tickets: one way, return and open-return or open-ended. The differences are as follows:. Which type of plane ticket you choose depends on your own choices, such as flexibility and ease.

    For a long-term stay in New Zealand, a one-way ticket both to New Zealand and back again is likely to be the cheapest and most flexible.

    Aussie teen deported after 'stupid' Air New Zealand bomb threat - Airline Ratings

    An open-ended plane ticket is by far the most expensive. Open Return Vs. One Way.

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