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Our selection includes the following refurbished MacBook Pros. With its extensive battery life, you can work throught the whole day on a single charge. Its elevetas the notebook to a whole new level of portability and performance. From our broad selection you will find the perfect used MacBook Pro for your needs. The newest models are equipped with blazingly fast and versatile Thunderbolt 3! Together with our customers we are building a more sustainable future by extending the lifecycle of Apple products.

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That includes the more powerful of the two Core i9 CPU options you can get. The less powerful one has a slightly lower clock speed. Our review unit also features the maximum memory loadout, 32GB. That's more than enough for basic computing tasks, especially considering that the Radeon Pro series GPUs were the top of the line on last year's model, so if you're interested in the inch MacBook Pro solely for the size of its screen, you may not need to configure any upgrades.

If you need raw power and all the internal storage possible, though, the top-end configuration will not disappoint. That's higher than last year's Core i9 config by a healthy margin of 22 percent. It's also significantly higher than the scores of all of the MacBook Pro's direct competitors that we've tested recently, including a host of workstation-grade laptops from the big three in that space: the Dell Precision , the larger HP ZBook 17 G5 , and the Lenovo ThinkPad P Here's a look at the comparison configurations from the machines facing off against the MacBook Pro in our tests The Cinebench all-cores test is just a simulation, which times how long it takes a system to render a complex 3D image without the help of graphics acceleration from the GPU.

But, because it scales up well with more cores, more threads, and higher sustained clocks, this basic test remains an excellent predictor of performance in CPU-limited situations. If you're running an app that leverages all the CPU cores and threads it can get its hands on—say, a late-model video editor or a photo-editing program—and you're amenable to macOS, the MacBook Pro is the laptop for the job. The workflow of many media professionals and scientists involves more than just the CPU, however.

Another critical part of a laptop's performance is the storage subsystem. These speeds are below those of the best SSDs we've tested, which top out at around 3,MBps, but they're still plenty fast enough to suggest that the storage drive will never be a performance bottleneck. Putting everything together, our Adobe Photoshop CC benchmark takes into account storage speed, CPU and GPU power, and memory, for a comprehensive look at a system's ability to handle complex workflows.

The Photoshop test times how long it takes to finish applying a series of 10 filters and other effects to a JPEG image. Not only does this involve, to an extent, graphics acceleration, but it's also a very "bursty" workflow—once a filter is applied, we stop and record the duration before moving onto the next one. The laptop has a bit of time to cool down. The MacBook Pro's time of 2 minutes and 29 seconds on the Photoshop test is good, but it's not a standout.

All of its competitors finished within a few seconds of each other. That doesn't mean its graphics muscle is anything to scoff at, however. See How We Test Laptops. The result is a graphics processor that's capable of playing resource-intensive games at a full HD p resolution and maximum detail settings. The MacBook Pro achieved an average of 38 frames per second fps on our Unigine Heaven gaming-graphics simulation at p and Ultra quality settings, compared with just 18fps for its predecessor.

Most high-end gaming laptops can achieve at least 60fps on the Heaven test at Ultra quality settings. More relevant is the Radeon Pro Vega's ability to handle graphics-accelerated professional workflows. The MacBook Pro's score of fps on the Cinebench OpenGL test is impressive, nearly matching the fps score of the inch Apple iMac , which uses a Radeon Pro Vega 48 with twice the video memory and more than twice the number of compute units. One further minor quibble with the MacBook Pro's performance is its battery life of 10 hours and 24 minutes of video playback at 50 percent screen brightness with Wi-Fi turned off.

Here's how it placed versus the lot This is unquestionably excellent for a laptop with a power-hungry Core i9 and a large, almost-4K display. But it's also significantly shorter than its predecessor's time of more than 16 hours. Many factors could influence the difference, including the addition of the more powerful, higher-core-count Core i9. The fact remains that nearly all modern Mac laptops have excellent battery life; this one's is just slightly less so.

If Apple had managed to increase the inch MacBook Pro's battery life and graphics horsepower in step with its significant improvement in high-end CPU options, and rolled out an all-new keyboard design, the version would likely achieve the same Editors' Choice award as its predecessor.

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Not so this time. As it stands, this is one of the most powerful laptops you can buy that is also sleek and exquisitely designed. Some Windows laptop workstations give it a run for its money, however, especially on GPU-accelerated workflows, which means Apple's new flagship laptop is an excellent—albeit not exceptional—tool for creative pros. For the next cycle of upgrades, it's on Apple to bring out a brash new MacBook Pro.

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This one's solid but only iterative, in a time when many other machines are making bigger strides. Bottom Line: Thanks in part to its Intel Core i9 CPU option, the sleek reboot of the inch Apple MacBook Pro we tested is one of the most powerful laptops you can buy for multimedia editing, data analysis, and other similar tasks.

We'd just like to see some bolder design moves in the next model. He got his start in technology journalism by reviewing the latest hard drives, keyboards, and much more for PCMag's sister site, Computer Shopper. As a freelancer, he's written on topics as diverse as Borneo's rain forests, Middle Eastern airlines, and big data's role in presidential elections. Follow him on Twitter branttom. See Full Bio.

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Editor Rating: Excellent 4. In test configuration, excellent performance on CPU-limited workflows. Beautiful Retina display. Oversize, accurate trackpad. Four Thunderbolt 3 ports. Expensive as configured, with wildly pricey top-capacity SSD. Key travel remains very short. Bezels could use some slimming. Thanks in part to its Intel Core i9 CPU option, the sleek reboot of the inch Apple MacBook Pro we tested is one of the most powerful laptops you can buy for multimedia editing, data analysis, and other similar tasks.

More Power, Same Exterior.

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