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But if you are looking to multiply or even slightly grow your money — you might be better off looking at another option, as interest rates are far from leading positions in the world, or Europe for that matter. Be it a savings account, a deposit, or an online trading account — the money is safe indeed, but it sticks to a strict diet, so to say, interest-wise. In recent years, some deposits have even been subject to negative interest rates. In fact, Switzerland is perceived to be the most challenging financial market to enter for Robo-advisors due to the unprecedented level of privacy that financial data enjoys in the country.

To illustrate the scale of things, it suffices to say that Canada has 10 times as much capital managed by Robo-advisors than Switzerland; UK 27 times as much with 8 million, and US market is a staggering times bigger than the Swiss in the year Robo-advisors are essentially online platforms proving wealth management tools and advice based on technological innovation and mathematical algorithms.

Such platforms work with minimal intrusion from humans but are more and more widely incorporated into the routine processes of traditional wealth management institutions. The Swiss market also had some players emerging on the robo-advisory horizon with the biggest fintech startups in the niche being: InvestGlass , TrueWealth , VZ , and Finanzportal.

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The global scene is dominated by platforms like Wealthfront and Betterment. For example, Zuckerberg finanz is one of the rare firms that would accept a K client. Example of a family office structure, source. Risks : The price is unpredictable.

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Gold has been considered a good way to preserve wealth for centuries due to its physical qualities complemented by shiny looks. The Swiss economy is rather welcoming to gold investment and has created favorable conditions for it, defining gold bullion as a currency equivalent exempt from VAT and custom duties.

The biggest concern regarding gold investments is the price variation. The price of gold is driven by fear and is subject to volatility. If you do not have the time to understand and watch the underlying trends that drive the price of gold, the advice would be to not to put a large portion of your wealth into it.

If you consider investments in precious metals as an indisputably safe option to preserve and multiply your wealth, you might want to read the story of H. Gold price chart. Are you sure? Hopefully, this short and rather pessimistic overview gave you a better understanding of what can you expect from investing in Swiss assets.

Among the most promising options are real estate investments, wealth management companies that can source private deals, index funds, and bonds including real estate bonds as a low-risk investment with a relatively high yield. Quick summary jump to section : 1.

Best major types of investment options in Switzerland There currently exists quite an array of options as far as investments are concerned. Investing in bonds Returns : Vary from Characteristics of a Bond Bonds are usually traded by a corporate entity or a government for a project or a specific purpose. Bonds may be traded on exchanges or over-the-counter.

Bonds are issued at face value e. Coupon Dates are the fixed dates in time whereby payment of interest is made to the Investor by the Issuer until maturity date is reached, up to 30 years.

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Coupon dates are usually fixed at annual or semi-annual periods. The Creditor has no ownership rights arising from the owning of bonds, unlike in the case of stock investments. Advantages of bond investments Low risk — bonds are one of the safest and statistically low-risk investment methods.

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Readily available information for due diligence on most of the municipality and government bonds in the form of economic forecasts and ratings. Disadvantages of Bond Investment Low returns that accompany the high security of bond investment. Brokerage and custody fees can eat out your profit, so they need to be accounted for at an early stage of decision making to provide a feasible comparison between the brokers.

Swiss bond investment Many of the major banks will offer bond investments as part of their services portfolio. Preferred stock suggests that a stakeholder will not vote but will have higher dividends as well as ownership rights to a portion of a company. Stockbrokers are usually the licensed professionals who are eligible to buy and sell stocks on stock exchange markets. Stocks may be sold OTC Over-The-Counter as well as openly on the stock exchange with the latter being easily subjectable to due diligence and the former almost impossible to gauge from this perspective, as private companies have no obligation to disclose their financial information.

How to successfully trade stocks? Pros of passive stock investment in index funds If you invest in index funds not in individual stocks! If you consider the stock market in the US, there were only 4 short periods, huge crises, where you would have made more money in the long run if you had stayed in cash. Cons of passive stock investment in index funds As the economy moves in cycles, after a bull market always comes a bear market, so even your investments in index funds i.

Potential of no returns or even losing it all if a company goes bankrupt think Dell losing market value when not keeping up with smartphone era. Hedge fund investments in Switzerland Returns : Vary widely, not predictable.

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Pluses of real estate investment: Properties in central areas have a stable, diversified demand. You can leverage your money to buy a more expensive property. Minuses of real estate investment: Increased risks when doing a leveraged purchase. Most profitable properties in central areas are not available to an investor that is looking to invest K or less. Property condition is deteriorating with time, so its value decreases. Managing the rent, finding the tenants, and signing contracts is a job in its own right that consumes time and money escrow, attorney, agent fees, etc.

Major pluses of crowd-financing in Swiss real estate: Low entrance threshold with some property prices allowing as little as 20K minimum to partake in a crowd-financing of the real estate deal. Little involvement after sealing the deal, so your passive income remains passive. For a commission, crowd-financing platforms deal with the day-to-day management of the property. Main minuses of the Crowd-Financing: Rural areas and city outskirts are less attractive as an object of investment, as they rely on fewer sources of demand.

Some platforms that use leverage including Crowdhouse. Investing money in Swiss banks Returns : What is a financial robo-advisor?

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Best Swiss Robo advisory companies The Swiss market also had some players emerging on the robo-advisory horizon with the biggest fintech startups in the niche being: InvestGlass , TrueWealth , VZ , and Finanzportal. Pros of robo advisory financial platforms: Unlimited learning capacity. No human brain can possibly compete with the unlimited calculative power of machines, which are backed up with expandable memory on Amazon servers.

It is just a matter of time and human input as to how quickly AI will learn the right algorithms. Comparatively effortless scaling of services to a vast spread of clients, resulting in lower risks. But machines are still learning under the supervision of humans, so the risks are somewhat mitigated.

Automation may lead to machine errors, specifically probable in the learning curve. Characteristics of Wealth Management If a specific office only preoccupies itself with the wealth management of one family, such office is called a family office. If the company extends its wealth management services to a number of wealthy families, such a firm is referred to as multifamily office.

The range of services provided is extensive and will cover everything from purchasing real estate on behalf of a client, optimizing taxes, managing the accounting, and buying bonds and stocks, even up to providing concierge services. Pros for wealth management: Wealth management companies usually benefit from having access to private deals that are not publically available.

Cons of wealth management: Entrance threshold is rather steep for wealth management companies; most of them will not deal with anything below 1M CHF. Thriving infrastructure around gold investment in Switzerland: Starts with 2 major gold refineries, Argor Heraeus and Valcambi. Sydney Tower Eye. Child entry years. Six-Piece Travel Organiser.

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