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CandyWarehouse also provides customers with helpful tips and tricks, and sells the candy buffet supplies to get you on the right track, such as themed containers. An active photo gallery additionally provides plenty of creative inspiration. Past customers have sung the praises of CandyWarehouse's wide-ranging inventory which includes global sweets from Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, and Indonesia, such as Bali's Best coffee candies and iced tea-flavored hard candy.

The retailer also answers the call for those looking for specialty sweets that accommodate specific dietary concerns, such as gluten-free gummy bears; all-natural chocolate-covered sunflower seeds; Kosher chocolate; sugar-free Jolly Ranchers for diabetics; and certified organic lollipops shaped like roses, lobsters, and even brains. In addition to upholding a clean, safe and sanitary environment in their warehouse, CandyWarehouse also extends their efforts to include eco-conscious business practices.


Their base of operations in California is equipped with 20 energy-efficient air-conditioning units, energy-efficient lighting, the most up-to-date and OSHA-compliant equipment, as well as a recycling program put into place for their packaging materials. Speaking of the warehouse…keep in mind that CandyWarehouse is not a physical store, and you can't stop by to view their vast selection of goodies; therefore, the only way to get the ultimate candy fix delivered to your doorstep is by shopping online, taking advantage of free shipping offers, and enjoying discounts on your next order with the help of a CandyWarehouse coupon code.

Additionally, use Giving Assistant's promo codes and cash back offers to not only save money, but to also help sweeten the pot for good causes and charities through your purchases. CandyWarehouse produces a lot of sweet videos, and one of their highest-viewed feature presentations is titled 'Create a Colorful Candy Buffet.

Here, you will learn informative tips which take you from having a really cool idea to creating an unforgettable candy buffet that is sure to impress guests attending your most important events, like a birthday party, baby shower or wedding reception. After you've filled your online 'shopping cart' with sugar, spice and everything nice, you 'll redeem CandyWarehouse coupon codes during the checkout process, as shown below:. After updating quantities and reviewing items, enter your coupon code in the Promo Code space provided under 'Update Quantities.

CandyWarehouse has built a reputation for shipping out colorful sweet treats, exotic flavors, and hard-to-find candy indulgences to salivating shoppers, and shows up in online searches alongside another online candy business, Dylan's Candy Bar, which also caters to the same type of customers. Below are a few key observations made about both retailers:.

Candy Buffets: When it comes to candy, sometimes it's all about options. Candy buffets are a popular way to spice up special occasions, holidays, and events. Both CandyWarehouse and Dylan's Candy Bar supply a wide range of sweets to satisfy all kinds of tastes at the same time. CandyWarehouse dedicates an entire section to indulging in the DIY aspect of candy buffets with informative videos such as 'How to Build a Candy Buffet' , tips and tricks, inspiring photo galleries, convenient shopping by occasion and color, as well as candy buffet containers and kits that include candy jars with chrome lids, stainless steel scoops in various sizes, tongs, cups, paper bags, and striped drinking straws.

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Since Dylan's Candy Bar has a physical store in New York City and Los Angeles, the company offers local party-planning services where employees come to a location and help fill an event with a candy buffet that may include selections from over 5, different types of candy like gumball tables and giant lollipops. As you shop the chocolate selection at CandyWarehouse, you can browse by a variety of characteristics, such as type milk, dark or white , by occasion, by shape cylindrical, disk-shaped or bean-shaped , by country like Guylian Sea Shells from Belgium , and by brand from Asher's Chocolates to Tootsie Rolls.

The chocolate at CandyWarehouse is also sold in bulk, wrapped and unwrapped.

The chocolate selection of Dylan's Candy Bar includes chocolate covered treats like biscuits, Oreo cookies, potato chips and caramels ; hand-dipped specialty treats, chocolate spreads, and their own line of chocolate bars. Their gift baskets also include plenty of classic chocolate treats. Dylan's Candy Bar has their fill of specialty treats as well, which includes candy bars decorated with Wizard of Oz character wrappers; exotic flavors of Candy Kittens from a Chelsea, London company; and their own line of candy bark featuring flavors such as cheesecake, cookie, salted caramel, and S'mores.

Gift Ideas : Both companies offer customers a range of gift ideas that go beyond your typical edible gifts, which include a range of T-shirts and other clothing, toys and plush animals. Whether you'd like to impress a loved one with a Light and Sound Spiral Gumball Bank filled with colorful pieces of candy or prefer to include a serious stocking stuffer, like the Enormous 4-Inch Jawbreaker Candy Ball, CandyWarehouse is ready and willing to satisfy your sugary gift needs. From Wizard of Oz hardcover journals to sweet treat-themed pillows in the shapes of cupcakes, ice cream cones, doughnut and chocolate bar , Dylan's also sells plenty of creative gift ideas.

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Themed 'Party in a Bucket' gift baskets aim to satisfy specific tastes, from sour candy lovers to chocolate lovers to gummy bear lovers. A delicate dark chocolate shell infused with sea salt envelops an irresistibly smooth caramel truffle filling. A delicate milk chocolate shell with hazelnut pieces envelops an irresistibly smooth hazelnut milk truffle filling.

A delicate milk chocolate envelops an irresistibly smooth white coconut truffle filling. White and dark truffle fillings swirl inside a delicate milk chocolate shell. If you have been following Lindt on social media, you will know that Beth from Local Milk is part of our Blogger Co…. Chocolate Beyond Compare Luscious… flowing… irresistibly smooth. Superior Ingredients Selecting, processing and blending premium cocoa beans are part of the essential first step in fine chocolate creation.

Rigorous Process In , Rodolphe Lindt invented the revolutionary technique of conching, which is a long process of intense stirring that lasts many hours.

Master Chocolatiers Since , the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have developed and refined their unique secret recipes, driven by their unmatched standard for chocolate quality and passion for creative excellence. Shop Now. View Recipe. Featured Recipe Roasted Banana Truffle Cupcakes by Local Milk Bananas roasted with cinnamon, sea salt, a few pats of butter, and a light sprinkling of sugar and a cup of local, full-fat buttermilk are the secret to these perfectly moist cupcakes.

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Now available, online and in stores. Milk A delicate milk chocolate shell envelops an irresistibly smooth milk truffle filling. Dark A delicate dark chocolate shell envelops an irresistibly smooth dark truffle filling.

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White A delicate white chocolate shell envelops an irresistibly smooth white truffle filling. Caramel A delicate milk chocolate shell envelops an irresistibly smooth caramel truffle filling.

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Sea Salt. Sea Salt A delicate milk chocolate shell with sea salt crystals envelops an irresistibly smooth milk truffle filling infused with sea salt. Extra Dark. Stracciatella A delicate white chocolate shell with cocoa pieces envelops an irresistibly smooth white truffle filling. Dark Caramel Sea Salt. Dark Caramel Sea Salt A delicate dark chocolate shell infused with sea salt envelops an irresistibly smooth caramel truffle filling.

Hazelnut A delicate milk chocolate shell with hazelnut pieces envelops an irresistibly smooth hazelnut milk truffle filling. Citrus A delicate white chocolate shell envelops a white citrus truffle filling.