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Careers - We're Hiring. Ratings from. Our mission is to offer quality coupons to our shoppers. If you're experiencing problem with the coupon, please let us know. Dallas, TX Change. Get Directions Show Phone Number. Claim Offer. Send SMS Send me updates for this business.

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Cities near Cedar Hill homes for sale and rent. Glenn Heights homes for sale and rent. Nearby Zip Codes Real Estate. Neighborhood Site Map. Recent Listings in for Sale. All Homes for Sale Nearby. Recent Listings in for Rent. Ok so its super easy on any site to see how much you are saving when you start to add up the coupons, but where the heck does it tell you how much your spending? Where does it tell you how much the product is priced at so you can figure out what the price is that you will be spending.

How do all these people figure out what exactly they are spending before they get there is none of these sites tell you the price of the produce in the first place. Times are rough and im really trying to save money if i can. May 12, at pm. And another question why is it so important to know what isle each item is, do not understand that ethier please explain.

May 12, at am. So, my hubby and I want to start saving as much as we can. Winn-Dixie has a Customer Rewards card which is great and Wal-Mart has really good savings as well especially on the ct diapers that I buy for baby girl but where am I going to get the most for my coupon buck? I love this site and I know your response will be fair. May 6, at pm. First, let me say that I love this website. I am also new to couponing and would like to know how items are free. Based on some of the previous posts, you can not use more than one coupon for the same item.

Can anyone let me know how to get the items for free. Check the price of the item. I always carry my coupons with me because u never know when u can find a good deal. Beside match your coupons with sales check ur newspaper or the sales from the store u want u can go online and check. Hopefully this help u. May 5, at am. Should I print them way ahead of time hoping to use them at a much later date when prices are rock bottom just like we do the paper inserts?

None of the stores around here double coupons. April 28, at pm. April 27, at am. April 29, at pm. I just started getting back on the track of couponing. I got the Sunday papper today which has always been the number one sorce in a lot of peoples books. But there are no coupons in there. Anyone know why that is????? April 25, at pm. April 22, at pm.

I just started using coupons and have been saving dollars a week on my grocerys it just seems like im paying a lot more on my grocerys now than I did before. Am I doing something wrong? I do look for the best deals at the different stores. Only stockpile if you have room in your budget to do so. April 22, at am. Great site! I have a question: do you recommend any particular order when using manufacturer and store coupons? Or should I group all coupons according to product?

Is there a reason for this? When I shop, I usually give the cashier my card before anything is rung up and then, after everything is scanned, I give them a bunch of coupons all mixed up. Any advice would be appreciated. April 21, at pm. Thanks for writing up all this information for us! I liked your video about the baseball card holder for your coupons, too. Great idea. I saw on Extreme Couponing that those ladies did that, as well. But, I do think I can follow your model of realistic couponing.

Appreciate your kindness! Just getting started. I notice you list Kroger as one of the stores you show matches for. In Arizona, we have Frys, which is owned by Kroger. Erin , Most printable coupon sites will only allow you to print 2 of each coupon which is legal. April 21, at am. Thank you so much for doing this!

April 20, at pm. This is great stuff…. I am going to start this week.


Thanks for the great information. Wish me luck. April 18, at am. Is there another coupon clipping co you recommend?

I registered with The Coupon Clippers and never received my approval. I also emailed their CS to follow up and have not heard back. It has been a week now. April 18, at pm. Brandi , Hm, that is strange. April 17, at pm. Thank you for such an awesome site! I just started couponing and made my first trip to Safeway with my coupons. I even got a Chex Mix for free by using my club card. All things that I would have bought anyway and will use over the next few weeks.

It was an awesome feeling seeing the total go down by so much. April 15, at pm. I LOVE your site!!

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But using coupons my first week and doing the things i learned on here. I just wanted to thank you for having this site! April 13, at pm. This website is awesome!!!!! I am new to couponing and I searched many site but none compare to this one it was so helpful thank you so much for all the tips. April 13, at am. We are military and budgets are tight so we do our shopping for a 2 weeks period. I now uderstand that I can only use one manufactorers coupon and one store coupon for one item. But on some of my coupons it says: Limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantites stated.

Limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip. So does that mean if I use 4 coupons I have to buy 4 items or can I use 4 coupons on 1 item? I think I know but I just want it clearified. Julie , Each item you buy is a purchase, so you can buy 4 and use 4 coupons. April 7, at pm. So i want to start couponing and i just called all 3 grocery stores in my town 2 albertsons ans a stater brother And all of them said that they do not stack or double coupons.

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Do i need to speak with a manager…or is it unusual stores do that? April 9, at pm. April 6, at pm. I read that the weekly ads run on a 12 week cycle.

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I am new at this and trying to figure out a way to save some grocery cash. Does the cycle start by calendar year? Did you figure the cycle out after you started coupon ing? I am so grateful for your advice. April 2, at pm. I love your site, it has helped a lot. Thank You! Katrina , The coupons loaded on your card are considered manufacturer coupons so you cannot use an additional paper coupon. March 10, at pm. I am new to this.

Until recently I was able to print my coupons at work but recently there has been a crackdown and now I am unable to download them onto my computer and then print them. I would like to use my home email but we have no printer at home. Is there a way I can save them and email them to myself at work to print them?

Thanks for any help you can give me! March 21, at pm. March 8, at pm. I am new to the whole couponing thing and have a couple questions. Am I missing out on coupons by not getting a Sunday paper? Or am I able to get all the the coupons in the Sunday paper through the various coupon websites ie. Excellent tips! I know that ShopRite does double coupons up to.

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February 26, at pm. Secondly, I just wanted to add if someone does go overboard there is a website called freecycle where you can give stuff away and people will come to your house it pick it up. Very convienent. Thank you for the awesome guide. I got some things free. Those who save tons of money-I give props to you for the dedication!

February 17, at pm. If you have an Aldi near you, you might check there, they usually have great prices on produce. February 6, at am. Do you have any suggestions? Margaret , I think that people have a warped view of couponing, especially after the extreme couponing show. It takes time and you will get the hang of it eventually! Probably the majority of what I clip is thrown away. If I used them all I would go broke! I just clip them just in case a great sale comes along. January 26, at pm. Hi stephanie!.. January 27, at pm. Glad you are enjoying couponing!!

Thanks for your help! Most eCoupons can only be used once, but if you had 2 of the same eCoupon that you loaded from 2 different eCoupon sites, then you could probably buy 2 of those items and use both eCoupons. January 13, at pm. January 7, at am. OrganizedProcastinator , You select the coupons you want and how many of each, and they clip and mail you those coupons for a small fee.

January 6, at pm. Christine , Yes, you must comply with the coupon terms. January 7, at pm. Can I do that? Just want to make sure before buying 5 of the same coupons from a clipping service. January 10, at pm. September 12, at pm. January 6, at am. I see all these people on tv getting this stuff for almost nothing.

That will really get my price down…is this how all this works? Thanks for your website it has really helped me alot! January 5, at pm. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to other stores like cvs or walgreens. January 5, at am. I too watched the extreme couponing show and was blown away. I need to start saving money due to an illness that has put a strain on my income. Do you have any suggestions on how I find local coupons?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. They have great low prices and you could do very well there. January 4, at pm. January 2, at pm. I watched extreme couponers on cable this Friday, what i want to know is how do they do it to spend Thats what i would like to accomplish. January 3, at pm. Noemy , It is entirely possible, but the people on that show have been couponing for a long time. December 31, at pm. This is a great site! I really want to start couponing and that show was just the motivation I needed… the only problem we have is storage space!

I have 1 extra shelf in my garage that I use, and everything else fits in the normal space. November 3, at am. Jennifer , Well, I usually buy produce weekly and meat bi-weekly, unless a really great deal comes up and then I stock up. Whichever store has the best deals is where I buy it! October 17, at pm. Free source of coupons for people in the Dallas area! Most people probably already know about this, but I just figured it out this week. You can sign up for it here:. I signed up on Wednesday morning, and Thursday morning I got the first paper.

Now if only I could get them to deliver multiple copies…. Karla Sue , Hm, I did not know this! I will have to check this out, thanks! July 15, at pm. I tried this link but the page was blank. I know this was posted 8 months back does anyone know how if there is a new link to finding it? October 11, at am. Do you purchase by unit price or overall price? For example: at Walmart the bigger box of soap powder is cheaper by load, but the smaller box is cheaper by price tag. Bree , It depends. In most cases, it is cheaper to buy the smaller package when you have a coupon, unless there is a sale on the larger package that brings the cost per unit lower than the smaller package with a coupon.

September 22, at pm. The only exception to this rule is if the ad states that you must! Could you explain this a little more clearly for me? September 24, at pm. However, occasionally the store will specify that you are required to buy 10 or 3 or 5 or whatever to get the sale price. Buy 8 and get 2 Free! I really appreciate your guides! It is very helpful for us beginners! Could you please explain how the following work:. August 9, at pm.

I would save your coupon for a better deal. You might have a hard time getting the cashier to take it though. The Kroger logo coupon depends. July 26, at am. How would you handle this situation? July 26, at pm. Amanda , It depends on the item. If I was just buying the item because it was cheap or free after coupon, I would ask them to remove it from my order. Then I would try again to buy it the next time I went to the store. What kind of binder do you have? I like the idea of one that is nylon and zips up and has extra p0ckets like yours does.

May 3, at am. Stephanie , I guess I was hoping for a brand name or other identifying name, such as Trapper or Mead. May 3, at pm. Jennifer , It is a Mead 5 Star, but I think any binder would be about the same. October 24, at pm. September 28, at am. You can only use 1 manufacturer coupon regardless of value on the same item. September 27, at pm. August 19, at am. August 18, at pm. I have experienced that before and it is always very frustrating. Thank you for all the tips.

I am fairly new at couponing and encountered a little problem today. I went to the Randalls in my area and got several items from the clearance bin which I had coupons for but the cashier said that I was not allowed to use coupons on items that were reduced. I asked to speak to the manager and he said the same. I wanted to know if you have ever experienced this problem and if so, what was the outcome.

May 5, at pm. CVS and Walgreens are great stores to start getting stuff for free. I post the deals every week, so check my site for deals to get started. March 7, at pm. May 4, at pm.

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I have been couponing for about 2 months now and just LOVE this guide! But I still have the same question that Shellina did. What do you do to get a ton of stuff for practically nothing? How do all of you do it? I want the secret! February 5, at pm. I am also new at couponing. This website is great and answered most of my questions I had. I am a benninger at couponing I would love to save more at the grocery store.

I get the items on sale and I use the coupons but my grocery bill is still high. Can you help me save more money each month. Please email me back with an response. Awesome guide!! I get amazed that my friends pay waaayyy more for the exact same groceries as I do! I wish we had a Kroger to shop at. May 9, at pm. I was proud, yet I am still trying to grasp how to get our grocery budget to where we can be comfortable. I could really use your help!!! Hello, my name is cristina.

I also live in the south texas area. I would love to learn how to clip coupons. Please help me. If you would like call me at Thank you! Cristina Mata. Hi Cristina. They can teach you just about everything you need to know. I recommend starting there. Hi, Amy, just wanted to share something with you.

I got this great coupon organizer from couponizer. The web site is the couponizer. Thanks for the guide! I just started couponing this week and really appreciate the tips, especially info such as sales going in 12 week sales. Couponing offers a variety of money-saving strategies that encourage and motivate readers to get creative and explore different savings techniques. Couponing Basics July 29, Priscilla J Gunter January 23, at am. Samantha Shaver February 22, at am. Taylor June 24, at am. Shannon Wilkinson October 29, at am.

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