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How'd It Feel: I wasn't crazy about sleeping with the Dreampad, mostly because I'm very particular with my pillow. But I am a big fan of white noise to block out changes in sounds throughout the night , and the Seaside Strings track did just that, while also relaxing me before bed. Bed partners can rest assured that they won't be disturbed, either; I was surprised to find I really couldn't hear the music when I took my head off the pillow. However, I did have a little difficulty with the timer setting on the app. Whether because of human error or app glitches, the music didn't seem to stop after the time I had decided on.

What It Helps With: For some people, calming music is the perfect bedtime ritual, while others might not notice a relaxing effect. However, Integrated Listening Systems is conducting research to support claims not just of relaxation powers but decreased anxiety and hypersensitivity in children with autism and ADHD, respectively. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. An Overview of Dreampad What is a Dreampad? The pillow holds a small device and connects to our iPad. You can watch the two minute video below to see how easy it is to get started.

Benefits of Dreampad My son has been using the Dreampad for about five weeks. He is definitely sleeping better. The three major differences I have noticed include: My son falls asleep faster.

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There were times before the Dreampad where he "slept" for many hours but looked groggy and was pretty grumpy and tired when he woke up. Now he wakes up feeling refreshed and rested! He sleeps more soundly through the night and rarely wakes up. Mp3 formats like on an iPod cut off at a lower frequency, causing the same problem that I explained with lower quality headphones.

The music itself is usually rented from a library of selections from the clinic, hospital, or school. The rental fee may be for every selection borrowed, or on a monthly basis. Equipment will break. I know, I know, and you just shelled out all that money. But listen, more than half the time something breaks.

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The nice thing is that Vital Links is super nice about replacing things under warranty. If you buy the expensive headphones, they will request that you send them back for repair. This usually takes at least a week or two to get them back.

Ron Minson, M.D. & Edward Hallowell, M.D.: "How Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) Works"

The cheaper headphones, if broken within the 90 day warranty are usually just replaced by a new shipment. The mp3 player seems to be the biggest pain. It will do strange things like stop playing in the middle of a song, freeze up completely, or just shut itself off at random times. This player has frustrated me to no end, especially when parents look to me for tech support.

But I have spent some time on the phone with Vital Links trying to fix these issues. My first suggestion if your mp3 player goes on the fritz is to hold the power button for around 30 seconds to re-set the player. The player is covered for 30 days through Vital Links if you buy it through them. However, if you buy it from a store, opt for the warranty. The good comes with the bad.

As new skills are learned rapidly due to the program, the child might have a hard time figuring out what to do with it all. They compare this stage to toddlers and teenagers, perhaps struggling to understand newfound independence, or just a transition period.

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However, he worked through it, gaining more emotional connectedness with his family. There is NO guarantee that this will work for your child. You are completing the program within therapy, so its inevitable that other interventions are happening at the same time. With such a subjective measuring tool, it can be hard to tell.

Overall, people who have done the program have been glad they at least gave it a try. Some children have improved processing speeds and overall attention.

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Some have emerged with new language and have met speech and language goals more quickly than they had in the past. Now, do I think this is program is the end-all be-all? No, of course not. Have you learned nothing about me yet? However, I was quickly humbled when I suggested it with some of my older clients.

My overall advice would be that if you can afford the program, or if you have it available, give it a try.

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It might just be worth your time, money, and efforts. Hope that helps! My son had the headphones on for his first time in OT and had a seizure. We stopped it immediately.

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Would this program be applicable to my 18 year son, or is it geared toward younger kids? In spite of these challenges, he is very bright and has done decently well at school. Looks as if you are introducing this program primarily to young children with behavioral or cognitive problems. So what about adults? And my main question: There has been no mention that I can find about hearing acuity. Should not people who consider this program first have their hearing tested to determine the range of hearing ability before entering into such a program?

Hello Anonymous OT, I have a severely disabled 13 year old girl who has been making slow progress in every aspect of her life. She is non ambulatory, non verbal and has an intellect of a 2 year old, which for us is a gift since she was not supposed to make it pass 3 months and have no awareness at all. She has been trying to integrate her senses for a while now and it getting better very slowly: she is now able to use her vision and hearing together. She is trying to look at her hands as well.. This is emerging. In the last year, her CVI has improved considerably. Here is the question: Would this work as a headphone?

I can have the hearing aids adjusted.

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Is just that she does not tolerate headphones but she is fine with the hearing aids. I feel this is perfect timing to start a therapeutic listening program and give her the tools to hopefully make more and faster improvements integrating her senses. I do appreciate the opportunity to ask for your input. Lorena Wingard San Clemente, California. Is it possible to get certified as a non-OT professional?

Can he listen and read or draw for that matter? Good luck! I am confused. What is the most effect system I can purchase as a parent, headphones and all?