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These accounts may require notice or could be easy access. They will likely offer saving rates that are less than those offered on annual interest-paying accounts.

Tip 2 – Know yourself when comparing rates

Regular savings accounts tend to offer the highest rates, but also come with the most restrictions. They will have a time limit to them, as well as an upper investment limit, and they'll usually require a certain number of deposits per year. They tend to be ideal for those looking to save small amounts every month, to develop a savings habit or save up for a specific purchase.

Offshore savings accounts are specifically designed for expats or those who live beyond the UK mainland, typically in Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar. Read our guide to help you find the right savings account for you. Aside from these main account types, you will want to look out for the type of rate on offer.

Variable rates can change throughout the life of the product, while fixed rates are set until the term ends. Easy access rates tend to be variable, while fixed bond rates will naturally be fixed. The other account types can be both. Once you know what type of account you're looking for, it's a matter of looking at the rate, investment limit and account management methods to see which savings deal best suits you. There is no limit to the number of savings accounts you can have. Not only can you have multiple accounts, but it's generally prudent to have a few different kinds.

For instance, you might want a fixed rate bond for your longer-term savings, an easy access account for your emergency pot, and a regular saver to save up for your next holiday.

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What is the personal savings allowance? How to start saving an emergency fund. On most accounts, interest is paid once a year, either on a set date or on the anniversary of the account opening.

What's the Best Savings Account for Students? - This Morning

Some accounts, including monthly interest accounts , will pay out interest once a month. Some even pay interest quarterly, while short-term fixed rate bonds with a term of 15 or 18 months may pay out on maturity, which would be more than a year away. You can easily find out when interest is paid by clicking on the 'Further details' of the account you're interested in. As to where the interest goes, this will depend on whether the account requires interest to be paid away or not. If it does, you will get the funds straight into whichever account you have nominated. If interest is compounded instead, the interest will be added to the savings account itself, allowing you to see your pot grow.

Considering all these different options, it's not easy to determine what the best savings account to gain interest would be. There's obviously the rate to consider, but you should also ask yourself if you want a monthly income from your savings, or you'd prefer to get as much interest as possible via compounding. The top savings rate may look attractive, but always consider if it's got the right terms for your needs before committing. Read our explanation about how compound interest works. Some providers may even ask you to open a current account with them before you can get one of their savings accounts.

This nominated account will be used not only as the default from which you can add to your savings - if allowed - but also as the account where your savings will end up if you decide to close your savings product. Even if you don't get asked to link a current account, you will generally have to provide an account from which to transfer the minimum investment, as you won't be able to open a savings account without putting some money into it. Given the vast number of savings products out there, spread across all manner of different types, it may be difficult to determine which is the best one.

Indeed, you may be disappointed to find that there's not a single best savings deal we can point to as the absolute number one. Sure, there will be the account with the highest interest rate, and that might be perfect for you, but it won't be right for everyone. Standard high interest savings accounts in the form of fixed rate bonds are good for those who have a lot of cash to put away and don't mind losing access to their money for five years or more.

As you can see, even picking out the highest interest savings account isn't straightforward. To find the best deal for you, you will need to know how to compare savings accounts. Once you know what type of account you want, you can look at the best savings account interest rates available in your search, but you may want to look a bit closer before you decide. How will you be able to open and manage the account? What is the minimum investment limit, and do you have enough? Is it a variable or fixed rate?

Is early access allowed? How is interest paid out? These are all important questions to ask before you pick an account, and only you will be able to answer them. So, instead of looking at who has the best savings rate, see who offers the top rate among those that fit your criteria. Depositor protection schemes if a bank goes bust. What is a challenger bank? Inflation, which measures the increased price of goods and services, affects the cost of everything you buy. As inflation rises, so does the price of your groceries, fuel etc.

Because of this, you'll ideally want an interest rate that is above the rate of inflation, so your money doesn't lose its spending power.

Best savings rates this week | Moneywise

When inflation is greater than the average interest rate, or in the worst case all savings rates fall short of the Consumer Price Index - the most commonly used measure of inflation - you will essentially be getting negative interest. That's why it's always a good idea to make sure your savings interest rate is higher than the rate of inflation, if possible. Find out what inflation means for your savings. Rates of tax in Scotland may differ. Cash ISAs, in contrast, are tax-free regardless of your tax status, so this is always a good first port of call for large savings pots or higher rate taxpayers.

Find out more about the how your savings are taxed. Depending on the savings rates at the time, there's no guarantee that you won't have to pay some tax on your interest, but the amount of interest you get may just outweigh the tax you'd have to pay — seek professional advice if you're not sure.

Top tips for choosing a savings account

While there are a few savings accounts available that are exclusively for people over the age of 50, or even 60, these won't necessarily offer the best savings account rates. This includes tracking cookies. Savings Accounts We found products. Home Savings Accounts. Our unbiased tables show the best rates from thousands of savings accounts.

View today's best rates below or read our guide to savings accounts to learn more. Product Type. Fixed Rate Bonds. You agree not to touch your cash for a set time - typically between six months and five years. In return, the provider guarantees you a fixed rate of interest. You save by loaning money to customers using peer-to-peer sites — you earn interest on your savings from what they pay on their borrowing. These have an initial promotional period with an attractive interest rate.

Once the promotion period is up, rates often plummet. You pay in a set amount of money each month and get into the habit of putting money aside. You sometimes need to hold a current account with the same provider and they typically offer competitive interest rates. Though the tax benefits will depend on your personal circumstances. Locking away your money can mean better rates.

Tip 1 – Set a savings goal

Banks like knowing where the money is - a notice account might offer competitive rates. Commit to putting money aside each month for some of the better rates on the market for smaller sums of money. Compound interest simply means interest is paid on interest. For savings and investments you can maximise gains by leaving interest in the account, and for loans and other debt, high interest and minimum payments can quickly increase the amount owed. It lets you compare the interest rate of one account to another. As many as you like — although you might be limited to a certain number with one provider.

Handy if you want to keep certain funds separate. You might want one for your wedding savings and one for your home, for instance. Only credit products like current accounts, credit cards and loans appear on your credit record. Savings Compare savings accounts to find high interest rates with Lovemoney. Home Savings. Why compare savings accounts? Switching pays Accounts less than two years old pay 0. Get the right type of savings account You want your money to earn as much interest as it can while giving you the access you need to your cash.