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S and internationally. So, where are the cheapest beach house rentals, and how can you find the best deals? From small towns to bustling beach strips, Florida is home to cheap vacation rentals in all kinds of locations. Blessed with stunning beaches along the Gulf Coast, and home to white sand and turquoise waters, Florida is undoubtedly home to some of the best beaches in the United States. While Florida has a booming tourism industry, there are still some parts where you can find a decently-priced vacation rental homes, from condos through to beach houses and apartments.

Search for a beach house or apartment in Naples , where prices tend to be lower than other Florida beach destinations.

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The area is known for its beautiful beaches, shopping, golf courses, and stunning state parks. Marco Island is also known as a great spot to find a vacation rental bargain.

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  5. It has a large residential community, with many reasonably-priced family-sized houses up for rent. When it comes to Gulf Shore destinations, Fort Morgan manages to escape the busy tourism that many parts of Florida experience. Fort Morgan offers a much more peaceful vacation experience — and decent vacation rental prices. It boasts picturesque beaches and the area is filled with charming Southern mansions and cottages, giving it a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

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    Myrtle Beach is a popular destination in South Carolina thanks to its mile string of beaches, fun vacation activities, watersports, and bustling boardwalk. S, however, rentals are still cheaper than many parts of Florida and California. Head to Wellfleet in Cape Cod — a charming Massachusetts town located right beside a peaceful, sandy beach.

    If you want to catch some winter sun without going too far afield, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is the place for you. While in the Yucatan Peninsula, explore Mayan ruins, indulge in delicious Mexican food, and immerse yourself in a different culture. You can find cheap flights between many parts of the U.

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