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Never shot GT before. I've used it, its great ammo.

Sgammo Coupon Codes

And now that I finally got some more I can stop using my yugo surplus at the range! Yugo is Goldener than Golden Tiger I just saw the last one go, and due to the recent SKS purchase I could not give it a home. Well, that and the timing By the time I pulled my car over and placed my order on my Iphone it was down to Well at least now we know the window is about 20 minutes Troll much?

Go away please. Notice now when you click the link there is no "Notify me when back in stock" option. Nor does it say "More in a few days". Me too, I just happened to turn my computer on and check my e-mail within 5 minutes of when SG ammo sent me the "back in stock" e-mail for the GT ammo. So I jumped on it right away and then came here to make a thread about it but someone had already beat me to it, lol Wow that went quick.

I just happened to get the e-mail notification before I checked here. When I got on their site, there was cases.

Sgammo Coupon & Deal

I ordered a case, and my wife was able to create an account at lightning speed and get herself a case as well. Thank God because I was watching their site for the GT to be offered again, and I wasn't relying on the e-mail notification. Nor does it say "More in a few days" Right?!?! Thank you for setting the troll straight.

If its not a good deal I wont buy it but if it is a good deal I'll buy multiples of it. Troll my butt. If you are mad its because you know its true. Two faced much?

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It was at when I place my order at Thank God for mobile technology! I got the email while I was driving home from work. I just happened to check my email. I pulled the car over on the side of the road. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to make it home 15 minutes before it was all gone. So happy I have an iPhone. The two faced one is you. I said I wouldnt be gouged on shit, that I wasnt gonna give the gougers one penny of my money and I'm holding true to my word. You on the other hand are trying to troll me about it.

I should report your trolling. Im not being two faced at all. Maybe you should look that up.

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I asked you a simple question. You are the one being defensive and angered. You could have just answered the question and been on your way. Now you are just blabbering on about nonsense. Go ahead, report me for trolling. I have not broken any rules. I don't consider myself a panic buyer.

When a good company offers good ammo at a good price, is that panic buying??? SGammo is definitely high on my list now as one of the good guys.

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  7. This is premium 7. I dont know, I havnt seen you flaming anyone lately about their buying habits, then posting about rushing to buy ammo. I didnt follow him to this thread at all. I simply clicked on it because I was interested in the title. Then noticed he posted about rushing to buy ammo this morning. I think if anyone is guilty of trolling this thread its you. Damn, missed by 1 minute. I saw the email alert, went to the site, ordered, but wasn't logged in automatically from the link, did that, You know, there is a point up above in which you can see the last several posts happening in advance.

    You guys wasted a lot of effort typing all that since the rest of us knew what you would say in advance.

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    I understand futility quite well. How much was it per case? Pre-panic price. Count me out of the gouger game, I'll sit back and wait for the deals to come around before MY wallet opens up I was in a meeting! Stupid work is getting in the way of my ammo purchasing.

    Lol On the bright side, my 54r from sgammo was placed on my door step this morning. Good for SG to hold the line! By the way, Sportsmans Guide has steel core 7. Shit is nessecery, showers are a luxury in this ammo barren world. Got the e-mail from SGAmmo, went directly to the websit and ordered. By the time I punched everything in it was gone, I did not get any.

    Thats kinda like what happened to me a few days back when SGammo first put up the GT ammo up for , I was out having dinner and when I came back home and saw the thread about it they were already out of stock. But not this time because I signed up to be notified when it came back in stock and I got one before they ran out Start an account there like I did, this way when the ammo comes back you just have to add it to your cart, sign in, and most of the "filling in the blanks" will already be done, all you'll have to fill in is your credit card info.