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Each location has a Pre-Need Consultant available for preplanning details and financial arrangements. Although final planning is not something one thinks about every day, taking care of these arrangements certainly can offer peace of mind to the individual and his or her family. Our website features obituary notices, online guest books and photo albums, where visitors can upload pictures and leave online condolences for families. One can find information on our website for preplanning funerals and resources for aftercare and counseling services.

We also provide monument services for families seeking to place visible, enduring tributes at a burial site. Being able to provide families with guided trust and sincere care when death occurs is the utmost goal of our service, and we will continue to uphold our well-established reputation and maintain the positive values that are at the core of our business for many years to come. Family Owned Third Generation. Decisions made locally. Community driven. Values that reflect our community. So, how can a student release his or her energy while still learning? Former school counselor, Scott Ertl, used his career experience to come up with a bouncy solution.

I tried everything from stress balls to yoga balls and got mixed results. Then, I heard about tying recycled bicycle inner tubes to desks, and kids could bounce their feet on the bands. I visited the Clemmons Bike Shop for some old bicycle inner tubes, but after thousands of bounces, problems occurred. Most teachers are amazed at how quickly they help, and most of all kids are happier and less stressed in school.

The bands come in a few different types. All bands come with support pipes, and replacement bands are also available. The support pipes are created from a polypropylene plastic that is phthalates-free. All packaging and shipping of the products is done at our warehouse in Winston-Salem.

To assemble, the bands and support pipes simply slide up the chair or desk legs from the floor. To determine the success rate of the product, Ertl sent a survey to teachers who bought the bands in Financial assistance is also available for educators interested in purchasing Bouncy Bands. Social media and sharing online fundraisers have been super successful for teachers in avoiding the handling of donations and receipts.

Looking into the future, Ertl already has big plans for the company, including expanding into medical offices. They are telling me they are noticing patients are using less anesthesia and having quicker recovery times. Call , or visit online at BouncyBands. Be sure to like them on Facebook. Catherine, Alexandria, and Angie were considering the same things, and they are each happy to have found the perfect fit in Chamberlain Place Apartments. I spoke with these three ladies about their experience and was pleased to hear how each, though with different backgrounds and in different stages of life, have made Chamberlain Place home.

I liked that it was close to the highway, with plenty of options for shopping nearby. It was only after I moved in, though, that I realized the biggest benefits of living in this particular community.

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When I informed management that my dishwasher was leaking, they showed up with a new dishwasher the very next day. When my balcony needed to be pressure washed, they came out and took care of it two days later. They will fix things, spray for bugs—whatever they can do to make you feel at home.

In addition to the excellent office staff, I enjoy feeling connected with my neighbors. Everyone is friendly, and they look out for each other. I go to the pool almost every day, and I know everyone there! I moved to the WinstonSalem area two and a half years ago from New Jersey to be closer to my daughter, who lives in North Carolina. I looked around at many apartment complexes, but what attracted me to Chamberlain Place was the convenient location.

I have a two-year-old and a baby, so I really appreciate that this apartment complex is quiet and safe. I have never had any issues with noise or any other problems from neighbors. In fact, my neighbors are incredibly kind and supportive—they even brought gifts when my daughter was born! The playground is within walking distance, which is incredibly convenient with my children.

I also enjoy the location, which is near the highway and close to Tanglewood, where we enjoy spending time outdoors. They are willing to help out whenever I need it, and they always call ahead to notify me before maintenance comes in. Everyone respects each other here, and I doubt I could find that in many other communities. Angie What first attracted me to Chamberlain Place was the layout, which was unique compared to some other apartments I was looking at. To me, the layout of the community is more spacedout, and there is plenty of greenery in the landscaping, making it a refreshing retreat from the city.

I have a dog, so I was looking for a petfriendly community, too. Chamberlain Place has great sidewalks to walk my dog around safely. She loves making new doggy friends! The office and maintenance staff have been very helpful and attentive with any questions I have. The location is perfect, since it is close to the hustle and bustle of Clemmons, with easy access to the highway; yet when you come through the gates, it is quiet and quaint.

My take-away from the conversations with Catherine, Alexandria, and Angie was that Chamberlain Place is a safe, welcoming, kindhearted community in a convenient location. It is also a place with very happy residents! One-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments are available for individuals and families of varying sizes. To learn more, call to chat with the Community Manager or one of the leasing experts. Office hours are Monday through Friday, a. You can also visit them online at chamberlainplaceapartments.

As I stepped into Studio Create, I saw a whirlwind of movement and heard lots of excited voices. I was greeted by about 15 energetic children, two counselors, and Mrs. Leigh Ann Alexander herself. This is the heart of the studio—art camp. Her heart really lies in the camps and teaching kids the joy of expressing themselves. Also, she really tries to show the kids lessons about life, including, but not limited to, giving to others. Her camp pushes kids to seek out their creative spirit, but also teaches them about real life.

Her down-to-earth sensibility, combined with reaching for the absolute most imaginative concepts, creates the best atmosphere for kids to learn and play during the summer. Speaking to some of the kids who were participating in the camp this week, I saw some real, beneficial differences in learning about art in an atmosphere like Studio Create, compared to traditional art classes in school.

The camps at Studio Create engender a much more free and independent spirit, allowing the kids to express themselves and let their imagination go wild. I was greeted enthusiastically with explanations of every single project the kids had done so far. The one problem the kids found during the camps was running out of time to create all the art they wanted to!

One of the counselors marveled to me at how amazing the art was that the kids created, given how young they were. Her favorite project with the kids was exploding paint, made with vinegar and paint, into which the kids put baking soda, causing the bag of paint to explode, which brought seemingly endless fun to the campers! Another, more serious project, was shown to me, this time by Leigh Ann. And this creative endeavor blew me away with its sensitivity and creativity. In a previous week, Leigh Ann had created a camp directed towards kids with a creative, entrepreneurial tendency.

One of the fruits of this camp came in the form of a large orange box. This box, created in remembrance of her brother Breiner, was inspired in an attempt to create comfort in the hospital room of a sick or injured child. She chose to create a box of blankets, toys, art supplies and, of course, love, that would be placed in hospital rooms as a distraction not only for the sick or injured child, but also for their siblings.

Its main purpose would be to draw attention away from the whirring and beeping of the hospital and instead, bring hope and joy to the family. The thoughtful creativity of a child burst forth from the encouragement that was given to her at Studio Create, and brought forth an idea that could very well change the lives of many scared and hurting families.

Call Your mental health is as important as your physical health At times, life can get overwhelming. It can be difficult to navigate on your own. Perhaps you have experienced a new change -- a new diagnosis, new medication, trauma, divorce, a death or another loss, or just have a tough time managing life in general. All of these may leave you feeling depressed, anxious, angry or even reluctant to get up. Old Vineyard Behavioral Health is here to help you manage your life. Call now and speak with a clinical professional to discuss your options and whether one of our outpatient programs is the right fit for you or visit www.

As a parent, I believe that the most difficult thing to explain to our children is death. A child is so innocent and full of joyful expectations that they cannot understand the ultimate finality of such a prospect. To mar that whimsical and lovely mindset hurts us as protectors of our little ones. I have been guilty of replacing fish in tanks with look-alikes so that my daughter would not notice that the originals had taken their final flush.

Unfortunately, that is not a long-term answer. At some point, we have to inform our kids that a beloved furry family member is gone and will not return. While heart-wrenching, it is a fact of life. Thankfully for caregivers, there are steps that can be taken to lessen the effect and help a child to recover from such an experience. Another vital fact to bear in mind is that children turn everything back onto themselves. They may feel unreasonable guilt by expressing that they did not spend enough time with their pet.

Children look for reasons, when sometimes there is no explanation to offer. They will have many questions, and those queries should be answered as honestly as possible, while refraining from scaring the little one. He or she will most likely ask about the afterlife for animals. We should be prepared for that with answers based upon our own spiritual beliefs or even by simply answering that we do not know, but can offer possibilities based upon other religious backgrounds.

It is incredibly difficult to provide such answers, but our children will wonder and want to know. The first thing is to be direct. We also do not want to open up the idea that sleep can equate to never returning! Good luck trying to put a little one to bed after such a conversation! While being direct, we can soften this somewhat by leaving out traumatic and frightening details of what happened.

A child does not need to hear the details of an accident or illness. It is perfectly acceptable to cry in front of, or with, your child. We should control our emotions as much as possible, because sobbing uncontrollably can frighten a young one even more. We do not have to appear as stoic soldiers in front of our children. It is also a good idea to plan a memorial or burial for the pet, for the family to get a chance to say goodbye and honor the life of your pet.

Encourage your children to express themselves through drawings and stories, and use those things to create a scrapbook of favorite memories and pictures. They may not respond in ways that you expect. A very young child may seem inconsolable one moment and play cheerfully the next, only to return to sadness later. Older children may react in anger and denial. We should give our children permission to work through their grief, encouraging them to talk freely about their lost pet, when needed.

This could involve speaking to their teachers, as their school work and behavior may be impacted by such news. Children and pets just seem to go together. I remember every one of my childhood animal pals with adoration and fondness. They were my faithful sidekicks, my family, my best friends who always were available to show me love and affection.

It hurt a great deal to lose them, but I believe that these pets made me a more caring and open person. There is no doubt that having and caring for a pet teaches our children a great deal about life, both the joy and dealing with the sadness. A lot has changed in the barbering industry over the years. For instance, did you know that before the s many barbers were also considered surgeons? That tradition is the art of socializing, and it has become a staple of the profession as much today as it was then. The early Greek barbers encouraged local gossiping to fill the time while performing the typical services of hair grooming, styling, and beard shaving and trimming.

When a young Adam Thomas was growing up, relishing his rite of passage into manhood by having his hair no longer cut by his mom, and instead at the local barbershop in the small town of Austell, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, he never thought that one day he would own a similar service in Winston-Salem. To hear him talk about it, though, there is a significant difference in the early experience he had, versus the one he provides his customers today.

A sophisticated environment that embodies the beauty of old-school appeal combined with a contemporary touch, incorporating the luxury services of today, was exactly what Adam had in mind. From the blackand-white diamond-checkered tile floors to the thick, rich leather chairs and chrome accents and footstools, with ceiling fans providing. The cherrywood stations topped with granite provide a feeling of both opulence and casual comfort at the same time.

Adam reveals that these offerings are a big hit with his customers, who understand the benefit of using superior products to achieve their best appearance. Topping off the ambiance are the soothing sounds of contemporary jazz music playing in the background. The facial and facial massage are also excellent services to turn your busy day around to a more positive note and leave you feeling restored, refreshed, and relaxed. Special Packages and Gift cards are also available that make it easy to provide a nice relaxing experience for that special someone for any occasion.

Watching the families grow and seeing what was once little children become grown men and [then] becoming loyal clients in their own right is a most rewarding experience. On spring and summer weekends, from the end of April through August, you can find him along with the Brown Style Race team including Jonathan a. Jon Boy Brown and Joseph a. Brown brothers in the Modified division. After the season is over at Bowman Gray, he plans to race at Caraway Speedway, located near Asheboro, and then on to the historic half-mile oval at Myrtle Beach Speedway.

Of course, Adam is also very proud of his local barber shop business, which opened its doors in February of The community has truly embraced his. Our loyal and friendly customers that come in every day make providing this service all the more enjoyable and rewarding. To learn more or schedule your appointment online, visit their website at vbarbershop. Ways to Avoid Being Targeted Your privacy and the belief that it is secure continues to shrink. Rules of safety can be taught to teens and young children; however, it takes every member of the household to consciously maintain a level of personal safety and home security.

The following tips may be helpful. Social Media Postings In having a presence online accessible to a vast number of people, how many of your social networking friends do you trust? One way to get a hold on security is to maintain friendships only with those you trust. Never tell your social media friends when you are leaving the house and how long you intend to be gone.

Wait until you return home to post special photos. Passwords, phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, and other vital personal information should not be openly available. Most likely the people who need your information already have it. Advertising through Bumper Stickers Not until our vehicle is at a standstill in traffic do we take notice of our surroundings. Instantly, our eyes become attracted to the many stickers found on the back window or bumper of a nearby car.

Without even seeing the occupants, we can glean a great deal about the driver. For instance, a school sticker reveals the age of children. A parking permit adds to the information available. Not only does it provide potential criminals the name of a company, but could reveal further clues, such as a work schedule and the driving distance from home. And, finally, a sticker promoting the friendly Golden Retriever or the imposing German Shepherd determines whether a house may be difficult to enter or not. Without thinking about the repercussions of such stickers, we willingly place them on our vehicles.

As a result, information about our lives, schedules, children and pets is presented openly to the public. With this information, you may be unknowingly telling a potential criminal where the family spends time during the day and evening, and the type of dog that remains at home. Sharing News Every day, we see examples of people who share too much information. In recent news, a young woman told friends she was saving money to purchase a car. With the added detail that she kept cash in her home, the outcome led to robbery.

There was never a chance to edit her words or delete the post; the words were already spoken. Privacy is indeed challenging in our world of open communication, where our patterns and words can easily be pieced together. Sign up at ProShots. From cell phones to tablets and Ipads, to laptops and even being at home with video games and Xbox, kids have their attention turned to the latest gadgets. Old-fashioned activities like reading and riding a bike go by the wayside.

For the past three years, in an effort to get kids reading, Lewisville Elementary School, West Bend Masonic Lodge and Cycle Therapy in Lewisville have partnered to provide bicycles to students who do reading outside of class. Zack Rothrock of Westbend Masonic Lodge suggesting the idea to us. We started small the first year with two bicycles. Last year, we gave away six and this year we are going to give away one bicycle per grade. We challenge all students to read books at their level in various genres, with goals based on the student ages and grade.

A Win-Win for Everyone! They feel blessed that we have such a committed community partner with Westbend Masonic Lodge, the group responsible for providing the bicycles. If the parents are shocked, imagine how the kids feel when they are announced as the winner of the bicycle. When we give away the bicycle, we make it a big deal!

It is a very uplifting day. The student is. Bikes for Books encouraged him to read and enabled him to find out how much fun reading is. Jackson not only won a bike, but also found a love for writing. Before Bikes for Books, I did read at school, but now I like to read more at home, and still at school. A new concept in car washing for Winston-Salem! Plus FREE vacuums!

What defines intelligence? Others believe that intelligence is the measurement of a standardized test taken at school. And many believe intelligence is defined by their personal IQ score. However, there are many sides to intelligence. Therefore, it is possible for one person to be intelligent in one mental capacity, yet be lacking in others. It was in this book that Gardner began to describe his theory that there are, specifically, eight intelligences.

While there are distinctions between the different intelligences, Gardner opposes labeling specific learners in terms of just the one intelligence that they excel in. What makes each intelligence unique in its own way? Examples of these prodigies include visual artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso. These people are gifted at reading, writing, telling stories, and memorizing words. These people enjoy discussion and debate.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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They are very introspective and can often be considered to be introverted. They are talented at examining their own conscious thoughts and feelings. Famous philosophers are excellent examples, such as Socrates and Plato. In , Gardner introduced this intelligence, which he believed should be added.

All in all, it is vital for all to know what the different types of intelligence are. Many children and teenagers hold a heavy secret linked to problems well beyond their ability to handle. The combined clues may reveal pain, anger, fright, exhaustion or a sense of despair and sadness. A child may not be able to express his or her feelings clearly; yet, you could be the one person to see beyond the act, and provide a new approach to an endlessly challenging situation.

Combining feelings of embarrassment and fear, most victims have difficulty admitting they are involved in bullying and will create excuses for low grades, and missing school and extracurricular activities. In fact, every day, approximately , teenagers skip school in fear of bullying. North Carolina has school violence prevention laws that protect victims from bullying and harassing behavior.

Academically, she is a model student and has impressive future goals. You are not only one who wonders how she manages to do it all. Yet secretly, highachieving students often have self-doubt and wonder how much longer they can juggle every promise and contribution. In a leadership role to always be the best and the brightest, she thinks the weight of obligation is often overwhelming.

The solution may sound easy to an outsider; yet, to the over-achiever, eliminating a few obligations from her calendar, she feels, would let others down. Sometimes, criticism is her worst fear, simply because it implies failure. To help our students visually understand how their time is used, encourage the design of a calendar. In viewing hours consumed by school and extracurricular activities, students can see the need to balance school with time for themselves, family, and friends. Driven students must. Most students view alcohol and drug use as a normal teenage experience.

Readily available, alcohol and drugs become a usual presence among groups of friends. Withdrawn behavior or disinterest in activities, unusual tiredness and poor hygiene could be signs that a teen is developing a drug-related problem. Repeated drug use will change how the brain makes decisions, learns and retains information, and controls behavior. Even for the teen who wants to stop, quitting will be difficult, and professional help may be the only solution.

In trusting you, their words will come slowly; yet, an open and honest conversation is a good place to start. On early realease and no-school days this fall for Forsyth County Schools, enjoy unlimited play in and out of our facility! In that regard, however, some interesting information about future prospects for the Class of brings its own brand of questions and challenges.

For instance, did you know that, with the speed and intensity of technological advancements, companies today are increasingly ceasing to need as much in the way of human resources as before? Also, the U. This definitely could impact the career prospects of our current high schoolers. Pessimists say that it will create an even further divide between lower- and middle-income workers and senior management and large business owners emphasis on large. This is not exclusive to the United States—as mentioned, China, India and other countries are following the same movement.

It could be happening even in your local fast food restaurant and more. Think of the impact this will have on workers of all ages, including high school teenagers. It also pushes them to think about their career choices, and if those selections could be affected by this trend. How can they become mindful of this? It takes a willingness to pay attention to the effects of those decision-making strategies as a whole, and realize the influence they have on a grand human scale. The question then becomes, will those in the decision-making roles be cognizant of this?

The path they choose could very well decide the direction of this great nation. Hopefully, the leaders of the Class of will have the clear vision to make the outcome a positive one for all. Just think of that the next time you look at fourteen- and fifteen-year-old teenagers playing on their phones and with video games.

Think about how their view of our world today could shape their world of tomorrow. Born into an era when the definitions of such childhood disorders were still somewhat controversial, and treatment options few, RV and his family were sometimes left adrift to find their own way to cope. There was Mrs. The acting class which helped RV to identify and understand the range of emotional expressions.

The wrestling coach who taught him to visualize and thus anticipate stressful scenarios. All of these individuals and scenarios helped RV to develop the tools that allow him to navigate life successfully while dealing with sensory overload and language integration difficulties. It was not always easy. I began to appreciate who I was and where I was going. Yet none of those predictions came to fruition. Today, RV is an independent adult, living and working with his wife, Marlene, and has published his first book about his experiences as an individual living with autism. It was while volunteering in a program working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities that RV recognized his calling to help children and adults who struggle with the same challenges he faces.

Unlike many teachers and caregivers, RV actually has firsthand experience and understanding of how an autistic individual experiences and interprets the world around him- or herself. Which means he is in the unique position to identify and implement strategies and tools to help them learn more effectively. After that, more things seemed to come together. It was also important to share my experiences with professionals working with people who face similar challenges, like educators, licensed professional counselors, policy makers, psychologists, social workers, other health and human service professionals, family members, and advocates.

But it was most important for individuals who live with the experiences daily, so they know that they are not alone. Challenged but Not Defeated is an inspirational story for anyone dealing with children with special needs who needs encouragement. RV will be signing books on Saturday, September 24th, from am to pm, as a part of the Cricket Craft Festival. To order a book online, request a speaking engagement, or connect with RV, visit kusertalk. Visit ymcaag. Products vary in their energy efficiency, inquire with your Budget Blinds Style Consultant. All Rights Reserved.

Budget Blinds is a trademark of Budget Blinds, Inc. Each franchise independently owned and operated. Offer only valid at this Budget Blinds location. Other restrictions may apply. Not valid with any other promotion, discount or coupon. No minimum purchase required. Excludes Basics, Select, and Shutters. Only one redemption per household. Motorization not a requirement for rebate. Make sure yours is, too. In your face. If your Facebook newsfeed is anything like mine, every other post is about politics.

The Olympics were a relief to me…where the political debate was temporarily put aside to discuss green swimming pools and whether Michael Phelps would need to buy a new suitcase to carry home all of his medals. But while we all have opinions, are we all exercising our right to VOTE for our choices? Here are our options: 1. Coin toss 3. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe. Write-in vote 5. Write-in vote: If this method worked, I think our country would have voted in Homer Simpson a long time ago. Visit websites like ISideWith. Surely you have something in common with them.

The likelihood that you both like pizza is huge and if you just said that in a Donald Trump voice, you get MY vote! Please make plans to vote. Weigh the pros and cons, and if it gets right down to it, choose between the lesser of the two evils. I may not agree with you, and you may not agree with me. But the beautiful thing about our country is our freedom to choose. Our freedom to speak our mind. Our freedom to elect our leaders. And if, at the end of The Great American Mud Slinging of , one of four scenarios will happen: Your candidate was elected.

Good for you. You were an important part of the political process. I hope they live up to your expectations. At least you still get to complain. You now get to gripe about how they let you down. Each of us needs to continue working to make it a safer and better country for the next generation. Quality early-childhood development — or lack of it — has an enormous impact on whether a child will succeed in school and, ultimately, in life.

Alarmingly, thousands of our Forsyth County children are destined to live their lives with crippling educational and emotional disadvantages, an all-too-frequent result of poverty. In fact, one in three children in our community lives in poverty, a shocking reality when compared with our statewide count of one in four children. Every child in our community deserves the best possible start in life — mentally, physically, and emotionally. The first five years of life are a time of rapid brain development, and the architecture of the brain is largely developed during those years, establishing the foundation for success in later life.

A scientific consensus has emerged about the profound impact that high quality early childhood development programs can have on the social and income mobility of poor children. Studies have shown that low-income, at-risk children who have access to high quality pre-kindergarten programs are. No child should be excluded from receiving a solid foundation for success. And, this fall, we hope to ignite a community-wide movement to help our most vulnerable children and families. If we hope to have a prosperous community in the future we will need to make a major investment in the development and education of our youngest children today.

We have the power to reverse the generational cycle of disadvantage in Forsyth County. For more information on Family Services www. Every step we take together has the power to reverse the generational cycle of disadvantage and build a better community for all of us. The early years of elementary school is the time when those values begin to be molded and formed. The twelve values of the Scout Law along with the ideals of the Scout Oath—duty to God and Country, citizenship, service and personal fitness—are instilled through a variety of age-appropriate and fun activities.

Regular meetings are led by qualified, trained volunteers and provide a variety of experiences for boys from all backgrounds. After Cub Scouts, boys can move up to the Boy Scout program, which has a greater emphasis on the outdoors and camping, decision-making, service, teamwork, and leadership. Many colleges and employers recognize the accomplishments of Eagle Scouts in their acceptance or hiring decisions.

To find out more about the programs—and the benefits for youth and families— offered by the Boy Scouts of America, visit www. Join Scouting Today! Cub Scouts is a program of the Boy Scouts of America for boys ages Cub Scout joining events are taking place at local schools and Cub Scout pack meeting locations during September. Additional opportunities are available for older youth in Boy Scouts and Venturing.

To find a local Scout group near you, visit BeAScout. Originally from Arkansas, Pastor Keith and his family a l and anticipation with new staff and new have relocated to Winston-Salem from Chestertown, Maryland. Si technology that are going to make for a great school year for students. I love being in a team ministry and one of my priorities is to help the teachers and staff to maximize their gifts and abilities.

She also is a graduate of Concordia. Through a balance of challenging academics, Christian education, sports, art, music, theater, and community service participation both locally and internationally, students are encouraged to explore infinite possibilities.

He is replacing Sandy Bryant, who retired after serving 25 years St. Benjamin relocated here from his home state of Nebraska. Benjamin is a graduate of Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska. Lydia Holz Ingram is joining the school as its middle school Language Arts teacher. She taught at St. She returns to the school as a wife and mother after teaching in Texas for the past seven years.

Ingram back at St. Middle school is a prime time for students to learn how to become critical thinkers and better writers, and Mrs. There are still spaces. Ask about our new student promotion for a free trial class. Most of it revolves around backstabbing, cat fights, scantily clad people frolicking hither and yon, and enough in-your-face melodrama to satisfy the masses and keep us all on the edge of our seats.

Adults can see the hidden scripts and pumped-up secret thrills that have no connection to actual real life, but what about our children, especially our young daughters? Access to such television can present an intensely skewed version of not only their physicality, but also their emotional growth and maturity. Since the year , the number of eating disorders in female teenagers has tripled!

Grown women are shown in cliques that make our middleschool memories pale in frightening comparison. These shows are laced with rampant sexuality, gossip, aggression, and bullying others to win. I shudder to picture a little girl sitting in front of The Bachelor, as a passel of women parade themselves in front of one man, who gets to kiss and grope his way through them all.

How do we make them understand healthy relationships? How about Survivor Brains versus Beauty? Is that implying that we cannot have both? This may seem like nitpicking, but these are powerful messages to little girls, who pay much more attention than we realize! In many shows, even young adults wear expensive designer clothes, take extravagant trips, and focus more on partying than actually working at a regular job to afford such a lifestyle. Consider the decision-making in these shows. We see teenage mothers, risky sexual behavior, alcohol-fueled shindigs, loud arguments, and even physical altercations.

Rarely do we actually see. They grant social acceptance to such attitudes and steal whimsical, lovely innocence from our youth. There is opportunity to at least open a dialogue with your child about the drawbacks of such attitudes and behaviors, but it would be nice for them to be able to view the consequences of such lifestyles, instead of idealizing them. For me, one of the saddest parts of these television shows is the lack of sisterhood.

Many women are shown with phony attitudes, gossiping about their best friend of the moment. It seems that the winner is the one who was able to lie the most and backstab the hardest. It would be a pleasure to watch some true friendships, without the gossip and histrionics. Goodness knows, I have enjoyed a few reality shows over the years, yet many leave me cringing. My heart drops a little with every duck-faced teenage selfie I see posted online. We cannot hide this outrageous media from our kids completely. It is everywhere! In just a few easy visits, your smile can be enhanced to straight white brilliant perfection You can have a straight smile in as little as 6 Months!

Join Us. Connect with Us. Hello, September! Do you hear that? Their children are safely aboard that blessed yellow school bus and on their way to school. I imagine them slowly walking back to their homes. Blurry eyed, a little wrung out, but oddly triumphant. That is, until they open the door and gaze upon the wreckage the children have left in their wake….

I remember countless baseball games, dance recitals, proms and life lessons along the way. After a while, it all becomes a blur. Life runs away with you when you have kids. Moms and Dads, those of us who have gone before you, we feel your pain, and we salute you! One of ours is in college, and one has now graduated from college. Still, it seems like yesterday to me.

I understand how truly hard, and also rewarding, it is to parent. It is the most important and amazing thing we will ever do. You see that these grown people are just as delightful as they were when they were little, but oh, so much easier!!! Our times together are still full of laughter and hugs, but now they can cook, they can do dishes and they can even buy their own clothes!

It does. I know, some of you just rolled your eyes. I get that, too. When my children were small, I heard it all. One way or another they are always with me! Even in the bathroom. How could I miss anything?! Because now I realize childhood goes by in the blink of an eye. I will, however, promise you that there is life on the other side.

This next chapter is going to be great. One day soon you will sit with your sweetheart remember him or her? You will enjoy memories of laughter, tears, sleepless nights, all- night science projects, pre-teen angst and honest wonder usually ours. And when you do, remember to give yourself a pat on the back.

Because not only did you MAKE amazing people—you will have lived to tell the tale! They worry that it will make the situation worse, make the bully angrier, or would just be embarrassing. Your child may be bullied at school if they It can be hard to find out whether or not your child is bullied, but if they exhibit a pattern of the behaviors mentioned above, then you may need to dig deeper to find out. Try to get your child to open up to you, to avoid harboring these negative emotions and becoming more withdrawn. If the bullying continues, your child could suffer harmful, longterm effects.

Ask them questions about the possessions they lose. For instance, if you are in the car you could be more likely to get more. Most schools have very strict, notolerance bullying policies and are required to investigate any potential bullying scenarios, as well as take steps to ensure that the bullying does not continue. Do what you can to alleviate the stress of the situation for your child. Celebrate these fascinating and vitally important pollinators! Learn about butterfly gardening, beekeeping, bat research, and more with guest speakers, demos, crafts, and a live butterfly vivarium.

For more information, visit www. The reality of real-life pirates was, of course, quite different. He was involved in helping to build Trinity Church. He originally was given a position to help get rid of pirates, but became a pirate himself instead. Unfortunate for him, he attacked an East India Company ship and was tried in England and sentenced to be hanged. His hanging was memorable, as the first two ropes broke, and they finally hanged him on the third attempt. Blackbeard is likely one of the most well-known of all the pirates of the s.

His real name was Edward Teach—certainly not a name to cause fear in anyone. His nickname came from his long dark beard, which he sometimes lit on fire during battles to frighten the enemy. He had four ships and around men at his command. He was ultimately killed in a battle at Ocracoke Island. According to legend, Blackbeard was hit by five musket balls and up to 20 sword wounds before dying.

Black Bart, or Bartholomew Roberts, was actually forced into piracy when the ship he was on board was captured. Within about six weeks the pirate ship captain was killed, and Roberts was named the new captain. He proved to be a very good pirate. In three years, he captured and looted over ships. Local writer M. Healy wrote of pirates in his book, Pirate Straits—Oath of Blood, staying true to several common practices he describes. Most pirates did not destroy the vessels they captured; instead, they renamed them and added them to their fleet.

Pirates had their own version of democracy and fairness in splitting up their loot the position of a crewmember was a driving decision. Most captains were elected by the crew and could be voted out anytime. When I found Dr. Summer in , I quit shopping! She and the staff are never pushy, but always encouraging, I trust her implicitly when it comes to helping me choose the procedure and products that are right for me. She shared with us how she has a whole new appreciation for pastors, after dealing with certain challenges in her role as a missionary.

For more ideas about encouraging your pastor, visit energizeministries. What a Day! Maybe your family took a trip to see someplace new or to visit relatives. Did you go to the zoo or have a picnic in the park? Perhaps you and your best friend got to sleep in a tent in the backyard.

Trampoline - Picture of Rockin Jump - Winston-Salem, Winston Salem

Think about your favorite day this summer. Are you thinking? What made it so special? What will you remember forever? Now, talk about that day with whoever is sitting beside you. Yes, right now! Those good times stay in your heart and mind and still make you happy. Can you remember a favorite birthday or the best Christmas ever?

Do you still get a smile on your face when you think about the time you made pizza with your grandma or grandpa? What a day! Some days are bad Or, while playing ball, the ball hit you right in the face and gave you a black eye. Think about your worst day this summer. What made it so terrible? And now, yes, talk about it. God has made you to be carefree. Even more important, God is taking care of you—every single day. The word rejoice means to be super happy, or to celebrate. But can you be happy if your dad ran over your bike or your best friend moved away?

God cares about every part of your life, every day, so talk to him. Tell him about your troubles and talk to him about the really great stuff, too. To Be Honest Tim Keller, a pastor whose sermons and books I enjoy. We were staying in Queens. I had relied on the subway to get us in and out of the city for most of our trip, but I worked up the courage to drive into Manhattan for church that morning. While I had accurately estimated the traffic flow, I miscalculated how long it would take to park.

I drove around and around the church in an ever-widening circumference, desperately seeking a parking space. Running out of patience and time, I finally edged the car into a spot that I had a feeling was not legal. Laura and I wasted no time jumping out of the car and walking towards the church. I was somewhere between tears falling and my head popping straight off of my neck. To be completely honest, at first I was pretty ticked off. Who died and made that guy a meter maid? Tickets: But, then I noticed the parking enforcement officers out in full force.

They seemed to be enjoying their work, as they happily placed their little slips of paper on each car that had broken the rules. The irritation of not being able to park would have paled in comparison to what I would have felt if I returned to my car to find a ticket.

But, the Lord had a lesson for me, nonetheless. Sometimes, hearing the truth is painful. But we owe it to ourselves to evaluate, at least, what was said and decide if we need to do something about it. Yes, sometimes the truth hurts. But avoiding the truth is likely to hurt a whole lot more. As Pastor, I enter these high and holy spaces and moments as a reminder of what already is —. God with us. What an amazing truth. Let me be clear: I do not come magically bringing God as if God could be carried in like a casserole. I come as a reminder of the One who is and always will be: the One who already knows your joys and fears, your helplessness or hopelessness, your doubts and your delights, your belief, and your unbelief.

There is no place in life, or space in creation, where you can be separated from the love of God. The Psalms teach us that prayer is always possible, regardless of circumstance, because God is always present. Life is not always Sunny, but the enduring love of Christ is bright. Hold that picture in your mind. But having been through it, I promise it is very rewarding, too. There will be a myriad of terrifying decisions on the horizon.

Your first instinct may be to panic and put them back in your pouch. Yeah, they think their Mom is pretty funny, but was I really kidding? I was going to need a plan. I try to anticipate bends in the road up ahead. Plans give me a false sense of security, which was what I needed at the time!

I listed the skills they might need to make the best choices when I was not there to guide them. Our daughter is five years older than our son. Many of the lessons I learned about being a better parent I learned from her thank you, Samantha. As she, then he, matriculated, I noticed. They cover a wide range of topics from animals to architecture, chemistry to forensics, astronomy to paleontology. Due to university support, the camp is able to keep enrollment costs low, so that all children may attend, resulting in one of the most inexpensive NC Camps, with the best possible programming!

Masterpiece Makers While many summer camps offer activities, field trips and craft projects, Masterpiece Makers gives children the opportunity to express themselves through art. Come one day or stay all week. Choose mornings, afternoons, or stay all day! Book now! Participants can pick up their packets at the William G. White, Jr. Join us for our Spring show featuring an abridged version of the Wizard of Oz and performances from all our jazz, tap, lyrical and competition classes!

We are now enrolling for summer dance camps and classes for dancers of all ages in a wide variety of subjects. Contact us for more information! We Can Help! A private, nonprofit child care resource and referral agency, Work Family Resource Center serves parents, child care professionals and businesses as a trusted one-stop source of information about child care and early education. Eye Level is a self-directed learning program. Our approach to learning leads students to become self-directed individuals. Eye Level is based on an educational principle where students learn at their own pace.

When a teacher understands the learning needs of a student, the teachings are most effective. Eye Level of Winston-Salem St. But she is embarking on a new adventure with a different set of children for the next five months. She is taking a leave of absence from her school and coaching duties to travel to Kampala, Uganda. After having visited Kenya for two-week stints for the last four years on mission trips through Calvary Baptist Church, Daphne has grown to cherish the children of Africa. I applied to a few organizations, or started application, but God was taking his time with me.

Now, a few years later, I am finally walking this path of long-term missions. God has his own timing. He asks us to be patient and obedient to following his leading. Friends and family have been very supportive of her plans, both prayerfully and financially. She will work with the children at Sozo for five months, helping develop and organize individual education plans for them. We are excited for all God has in store for Daphne and the Sozo kids! Each adult also receives 4 tickets for the fabulous prize board drawings. Drawings for lots of door prizes!

One of the signs of a healthy family is open and meaningful communication. Good questions are the beginning. Question 5 If you could be on any magazine cover, which one would you select? Talk with your family about the above question and statement during dinner at home, quiet moments in the evening, just before bedtime, in the car or on vacation and jumpstart your family communication!

Love Talk for Families can be purchased at www. Email Robin ForsythMags. So, we agreed that the best option was to have a screw placed inside the bone, which forced the fracture closed and is allowing the bone to knit itself back together. Hurts sometimes, often times, run too deeply to be healed without help. Are you in that place today, where your heart or spirit is broken beyond what you can handle?

The Inn's 8th Anniversity Celebration! May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, all that is pleasing to him. Jesus is the great Shepherd of the sheep by an everlasting covenant, signed with his blood. To him be glory forever and ever. But more often than I like, I hear that accusation being directed toward me. After all, there is always more to the story than we know, right? I was faced with a predicament the other day that was consuming my thoughts as I was driving home.

As I agonized over the predicament, my eyes focused on a scene that lifted me from the mire of my quandary. In a yard along the highway, my gaze fell upon a man running behind a bicycle being pedaled by a youngster. As the little lass pedaled feverishly, she wobbled from side-to-side a bit, but never fell over, because the man running behind had a firm grip on the seat of the bike.

I believe it was safe to assume that what I was witnessing was a young father teaching his daughter how to ride a bike, without the training wheels. My assumption arose out of my own experience of being both the biker-intraining and the expectant father running behind.

The scene vividly conjured up memories of learning to ride. I can do it all by myself. Of course, you know, daddies do let go. The child learns to harness the power of centrifugal force and rides on two wheels, unaided by an exhaustive parent. It is often overlooked as a milestone of life; but maybe it needs to be elevated to one, because for many, this event marks the beginning of independence. Yet, it may also be the first testament of hypocrisy. I have allowed myself to come to believe that I am fully capable of handling my life perfectly well on my own.

God can run right behind me and catch me, if and when I fall. Okay, so what does learning to ride a bike have to do with being called a hypocrite, you may ask. Are there children who really expect someone to always be running behind with a firm grip? I could stop here, but this reality goes far deeper. Though I have had years of theological training and moments of good ideas, I must remind myself daily that, yes, I Need God Every Hour. I need to pray about the little things as well as the big things.

I must not rely on my cleverness and natural tendencies alone. Maybe my frustration over this ill-received admonishment came to a head immediately after I passed this milestone event. The words of a stanza of an old hymn began to nag me, haunt, me, convict me. Do I really need God every hour? Do the things I do reflect my ingenuity or my dependence on my Creator? No wonder I am so often faced with problems that seem too large to handle; they are—for me alone.

I am beginning to think that I may be that child on the seat, wanting that safe and secure grip of a loving Father, until I can do it on my own. No wonder why I often feel at a loss and frustrated over the complexity of ministry and life. No wonder God calls me a hypocrite. However, for those who choose adoption, the wait can be several years.

Along with the interminable amount of time, there are endless forms to fill out, and the process can be quite expensive. First, through adoptive family assistance, they provide guidance and assistance to North and South Carolina Christian couples by providing education, resources, financial assistance and prayer support. Second, they supply orphan care by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of children throughout the world. The goal is to empower parents to keep their children, versus abandoning them. And third, by educating the community about adoption and the needs of orphans.

We love to partner with them and promote their events. Participants will walk or run in honor of a child at our partner school in Guatemala City, and funds will go to build a school for them. Through our partnership with churches in Guyana and Guatemala, people can take short-term mission teams, sponsor children, invest in micro-loan programs and volunteer in their local communities.

We have offered parent training and workshops, outreach to the community, provided vitamins, eye exams and eyeglasses, physical exams, etc. Their partnership with a church in Georgetown, Guyana, helps a missionary with an after-school tutoring program. Real Women Real Life Real Encounters. Our crisis can become an open door for God to reveal his heart, his goodness, and his power. Events begin at pm Doors open at pm For complete information, please visit: www. So much to do, and so little time!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you trying to squeeze 36 hours into 24 hours? Visit us at www. I was in one of my favorite downtown boutiques, holding up a long giraffe necklace to the cashier. This particular day, however, it had no price and a massive knot in the middle of the chain. No one can get that stupid knot out. Sure, the chain was knotted, but who cares? Obviously this woman had misjudged my supreme de-knotting skills.

I played with it on-and-off for a few hours, growing increasingly frustrated about the whole situation. I found myself at Starbucks, the necklace still in my purse. I tried again to fiddle with the knot, but it seemed as if my efforts were only making it worse. Exasperated, I tossed down the necklace on the table in front of me. I ran through my list of friends, contemplating who I could ask to fix it. A few people came to mind, but I suddenly had a better idea. Nothing is too big for Him.

But what about the molehill? Is nothing really never too small for Him to care about? Does the almighty Sovereign of the universe really care about the little things? Well, I figured it was worth a shot. I bowed my head for a short request. Maybe I thought it would be laid out flat on the table, sparkling with an iridescent divine light. Maybe I expected a bolt of lightning to strike the obnoxious knot and blast it into a straight chain. Maybe I expected nothing. Sighing, I reached for the necklace, lifting it up by the large giraffe pendant. I stared, dumbfounded, at the knot which was now less than half its original size.

A small loop of chain stuck out away from the rest of the clump and I gripped it with shaking fingers. Slowly, I pulled the loop and watched as the rest of the knot fell away straight, no evidence of a knot having ever been there. This small and unexpected miracle and trust me, what a miracle—this knot was ridiculous proved to me that, yes, God does listen to us and is always listening, if only we just trust Him enough to call out.

This same idea applies to everything—not just the knots in our necklaces, but every knot in our lives, colossal or almost insignificant. Lord, where are my keys? My glasses? As wild as it may seem to us, God wants to be involved in every single aspect of our lives, because He loves us enough to care more than we can fathom, even about the seemingly unimportant things.

If only we would ask. After learning of Vinny and his struggles, Bowzer became a family friend and visited, as well as called, to check on Vinny. The Loss of a Special Little Boy. Peterson -year-old Vinny DiGerolamo, although his life was brief, touched and changed the lives of others more than most of us ever will. Making His Mark on the World At the age of four, after many tests and surgeries for congenital defects, Vinny was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomysarcoma, a rare tumorous cancer found mostly in infants and children.

Given that the chances were that he would live another 5 years, Vinny began his fight with his family by his side, and the love and prayers of his community and thousands of others through social media. The emails from people who said that Vinny was their inspiration as they battled their own problems came in daily. The foundation also purchased a condo on Topsail Island, NC, to provide respite vacations to families with a child battling cancer. Vinny clearly understood death, dying and Heaven. The night before we were sent home with Hospice care, Dr.

I have always said a parent knows in their heart when their child has had enough. We knew that we wanted Vinny home to enjoy whatever time he had left. For those he touched, he taught them simple, yet important things. For more information go to www. To register for Walk 4 Our Kids, visit www. This was the classic version, of course, and it brought a tidal wave of memories back from my own childhood, when I must have seen this film 15 times.

Or at least I choose to think so. The best moment for me in the movie is at the very end, when Charlie discovers he will take over the factory for the retiring Willie. Willie invites Charlie to push the one button never tested in the Wonka-vator the elevator that crashes through the roof of the factory and floats high above the city. What is it with boys and regressive grown men who are fascinated with pushing buttons and flipping switches? My wife would say I am an expert at pushing her buttons to get her flabbergasted, flustered and frustrated.

But I am talking about the fascination with things that start stuff. Now my wife would say I am an expert at starting projects, but never quite finishing. I see a pattern forming here. Anyway, what is it about the allure of buttons, switches, starters, handles and levers, for boys? My toddler is now some sort of self-taught genius, if I may say, with my phone.

He manages to slide his finger across the screen to turn it on, to access the menus, to find the photo album and make his way. It never gets old for him. He finds his way to YouTube without any effort whatsoever and starts video snippets that will either endear or frighten his parents. The trance my son falls into with buttons also extends to all manner of things around the house.

And scarily enough, he also knows which button resets everything to zero to start all over again. I suspect that when my son has his own children, they will be zooming around the city in their flying saucer cars, will have screens that drop from the ceiling and they will push buttons with abandon to open doors for themselves. Wait—that was an episode of The Jetsons. Never mind. But, I bet his children will simply think about the same things my son ponders now, and they shall appear as holograms before their eyes. Can you imagine being right there with a monkey riding a bicycle after being shot from a rocket launcher, who is also blowing bubbles while carrying a dozen donuts with sprinkles?!

I was a child at the wrong time, if that will be the case. To contact Michael Johnson: michaelwinj hotmail. We are simply about networking in an effort to encourage and celebrate the everyday accomplishments of Dads throughout Forsyth County. We welcome all Dads to join us! Always in Bloom! Escape to an island favorite! Jamaican Jerk Bowl Grilled chicken, mozzarella, onions, Southwestern rice medley and Jamaican Jerk sauce over romaine. Grilled chicken, mozzarella, onions, Southwestern rice medley and Jamaican Jerk sauce, wrapped in a toasted flour tortilla.

Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to cancel. Text HELP for help. Book now for Weddings and Events…. New seasonal and gift items arriving daily Flower subscriptions available; weekly, monthly, etc. Don't lose your memories. Doss stories provide each of us with a sense of goodwill in the world. The moment becomes awe-inspiring when it relates to a person in our own community.

Through a personal experience of living with her family at a Ronald McDonald House for six-months, her daughter became a catalyst to bestow one of her own gifts, free professional photography, to the triad families with babies in the Neo-natal intensive care unit. Funding became an important component concluding With limited time remaining, Deneen initiated the support of area photographers, on a volunteer basis, to join the cause and assist in the goal of raising funds.

Joining her were many professionals who, due to personal experience, rallied for this program. The arrival of introduced the opening chapter. The first fund raising event, open to the Triad community, will be held on Saturday, April 13, In addition to face painters and various local vendors, CHP photographers will be available to those with pre-scheduled sessions. At a country setting, back drops featuring superheroes, balloons, a candy shop, and a vintage scene will be available.

To ensure your full enjoyment at this fund raising event, contact the team directly at capturinghopes gmail. Many parents of NICU children await the moment that all cords and monitors will be removed from their little bodies and yet, this is the moment life began. Whether in NICU or not, all babies deserve the opportunity to be photographed. Parents no longer have to regret not having the memories. The team of photographers stands together as volunteers to capture the moment through professional pictures.

We are so excited that Deneen is expanding her work into the new charity Capturing Hopes Photography so that more photographers can provide these much needed memories for families. Capturing Hopes Photography provides families with documentary-styled photography at no cost. In addition to an open access of an online display, families of NICU babies also receive ten 4 x 6 prints which are artistically wrapped and delivered to either the hospital or home.

The CHP team will gladly accommodate the families scheduling needs. Numerous families are already valuing the gift of this program; therefore, spread the word. The team continues to seek volunteers who would be willing to offer their time and service especially as fund raising kicks off on April 13, Please contact the team through Facebook or by capturinghopes gmail. Reserve your spot today You may also register by phone by calling Denise at Payments must be received by May 7th.

Stay up to date on Consignment Shop News by liking us on Facebook! College Knowledge Investing in Our Students! Knowledge is a non profit c 3 organization, hosting private college fairs and awarding substantial scholarships to North Carolina students. These scholarships are granted to students who successfully pursue and obtain an undergraduate or graduate diploma. The college or university must be participating with College Knowledge programs in order for any program monies to transfer on behalf of a student.

The mission of College Knowledge is to provide substantial scholarships to students, thereby reducing college loan debt. Our innovative approach offers an exclusive opportunity for students and parents to comfortably spearhead their interest through exploring alternatives presented by colleges and universities at each fair. College Knowledge is strategically designed to present a blueprint for students to follow, with reasonable criteria that do not require an essay or hidden agenda.

Trampoline park coupons winston salem nc

The goals and objectives of College knowledge are to invest in our students for generations to come, as they are the entrepreneurs who will forge the future. The significant difference between College Knowledge private college fairs and other fairs nationwide is the immediate award of substantial scholarships to students at every event. Universities and colleges are invited to participate with fairs by qualifying invitation.

Universities register to participate and then receive event folders identifying the venue and other details of each fair. Since the fairs are hosted in central North Carolina, students from surrounding counties may attend and participate at no cost and with no essay. Colleges and universities continue to increase tuition beyond the rate of inflation.

College loans are not forgiven and may be repaid through garnished wages as well as social security benefits. Excessive student borrowing is likened to risky mortgages. College Knowledge offers financial alternatives, enabling students to complete post-graduate studies while minimizing loans. If they are not currently on board, give us a call or email, so the organization can determine them eligible for participation. If you would like to learn more about our program, or to donate toward investing in our students, send an email to collegeknowledgeinc yahoo.

Presenting financial alternatives for college expenses is a win-win proposition and a responsible act for all involved in an eroding economy. Approximately , residents live in Forsyth County. Can you imagine investing in our students with such a profound statement? Collectively we can empower our students for creating visions of business development that will ultimately strengthen America.

The heritage of our past is the seed that brings forward the promise of our future! Gabby Andrade, a senior at Mt. Tabor High School, on a mission to teach young children the wonders of gardening. Gabby, who is currently working on her Girl Scout Gold Award, visited Imprints Cares, a local non-profit that offers high quality, tailored, before-and-after-school programs to many of the Forsyth County elementary and middle schools.

Becca first expressed the need for work to be done on the gardens at the Elementary School, and Gabby gladly took on the challenge. The project was kicked off as Gabby teamed with Becca, many volunteers and the elementary children, in activities both educational and fun. They ventured on this learning experience together as well, discovering the passion of growing their own garden.

Many days and hours were spent preparing the garden beds, sowing the seeds, planting the plants, laying mulch and nurturing the grounds with water and a heavy dose of much needed TLC. As the garden started to grow, Gabby walked the grounds with the Imprints Cares children and teachers at South Fork. She took everyone on a tour of all three gardens: the Butterfly garden, the North Carolina garden and the Vegetable garden.

They surveyed the results of all their hard work—flourishing plants, vegetables and spices, such as various butterfly bushes, dogwood trees, rosemary, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, collard greens and radishes, to name a few. The children in the Imprints Cares Before and After School Program were filled with anticipation as they learned that the final lesson was harvesting!

They picked a prize radish of their own to take home to their family, which brought big smiles of joy to their faces. Gabby's project proved to be an extremely valuable lesson, as the kids learned about agriculture, experienced first-hand how to produce food, and realized they loved it! Gabby and the Imprints Cares team are thankful to Becca and the other South Fork Elementary teachers and kids for their willingness to collaborate on this learning adventure.

Also appreciated were the donations of mulch from Mr. About Imprints Imprints is a nonprofit organization partnering with, and educating, families, so they may thrive and succeed. It strives to strengthen communities by strengthening families. This year, three films will be screened free for the public. RiverRun will also welcome back its ever popular Saturday Morning Cartons series which includes animation submissions for the youngest Festival goer. In honor of yet another new Muppet movie on the horizon, we will screen the very first Muppet film, the original, The Muppet Movie.

In this film Kermit is convinced to take a trek across the US, picking up his Muppet friends along the way, to head to Los Angeles and try make it in Hollywood. Sponsored by Hanesbrands Inc. When a young pig breaks from his normal activities and decides he wants to be a herder like the sheepdogs he lives with, his owner he realizes he may have something extra special and embarks on a career with young Babe and the rest of his sheepdogs. RiverRun will partner with the Forsyth Humane Society and Project Pearl to raise visibility for these pet-oriented nonprofits.

April 13th from a. Sunday, April 14th at Hanesbrands Theatre from p. Southern Locavore Food Bazaar will follow from p. Sponsored in part by the North Carolina Arts Council. The thrill of watching colorful, funny and sweet cartoons is something every child loves, and sometimes so do adults! Once again our programming staff has searched through our animation submissions to find the perfect stories for our youngest Festival goers.

SPONSORS: The sponsors of the RiverRun International Film Festival help sustain the organization's mission to foster a greater appreciation of cinema and a deeper understanding of the many people, cultures and perspectives of our world through regular interaction with great films and filmmakers.

For up-to-date information, or for details about volunteering at the Festival, visit www. Let us be your partner on this journey. Spring into Kindergarten at Salem Gym!! Imprints and Salem Gym have teamed up to offer rising Kindergarten families a fun learning experience. Join us on Thursdays, April 18th and 25th from — for 2 sessions to help prepare for the upcoming Kindergarten year. During the parent meeting, Salem Gym will offer kids a fun gym experience. Space is limited, so sign up today!

Moms and kids! Join Imprints and Monkey Hooper for this unique mother-child event and see how fun exercise can really be! Imprints Dash with Daddy Calling all Dads! Join Imprints at the ballgame. Dads and kids of all ages are invited to join us for a fun time with The Winston-Salem Dash. Bond with your child as you cheer the home team on to victory! Our first Dash with Daddy is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th.

Contact us to sign up! Krispy Kreme donuts will be distributed at 11am in the lobby. Ages 18 and under are admitted free. What are you worried about? Let us calm your fears and help find solutions to current concerns about your child. RiverRun presents a broad range of yet-to-be released films, celebrity tributes, family programs and galas. Hope to see you there! Pony Club s. There are gir ha s thought about award ls from ages 8 to1 and they learn all ab ing badges to us, the surprising, since 6 participating, out horsemanship, we are the core ele horses tea m mwork, service and en ts There are tests writ of the program, bu ha ve it.

At our barn, it wo more. I always pa ing their rticipate in the rallie Laid Back Badge s when my schedu as I have a pedago — to Mr. Cool, who le allows, and, gical nature, I activ is—true to his nam an d collected in mos ely contribute to the e—calm, cool education. As the kids shrie ked and ran off to fin got up, dusted mys d a leader, I elf off and was calm No Bit Badge — to ly munching grain resident veterinaria Noah, who makes by the time the dif n came running. Bu alr ea dy knew that. I assist in Horsemasters as we stood quite still wh ll, and have ile many a novice Love from the pastu has learned to prop re, Raven erly put polo.

As it approaches its two-year anniversary, the group is going strong and is as committed as ever to rehabbing, retraining and rehoming rescued horses. Rescued equines may have illnesses requiring them to be segregated from other horses at the barn to prevent the spread of any contagions. After a certain period of time, when they are well, they are allowed to live, work and play with other horses. Needless to say, the building was a windfall. Dana Winn, another Board member. Oh, and be sure to wear your best Derby hat, ladies!

For more information, go to www. One class will specifically focus on horse management and what it takes to own a horse — financially, physically and emotionally. The hope is that by helping people make an educated, informed decision prior to buying a horse, there will be fewer horses that end up in rescue situations. Another class will focus on horse health, so that people who already have horses can learn how to provide the proper type and amount of food, and identify when the horse needs dental or veterinary care. We want the owners to recognize when and how their horses need help, so they can be healthy and happy.

A portion of the proceeds will go to help the group rehab, retrain and rehome rescued horses. The event runs from 3 pm to 7 pm with full Derby coverage. I was a kid, I swore to myself that, when I grew up, I would never talk about how much things used cost or get into arguments with other people about who did what when.

Having a spotty memory for what happened when helps immensely. As for the pledge not to talk about what things used to cost, I gave that up long ago. One of my favorites is how, when I was a kid, it cost a quarter to go to the movies and that the older sister of a friend of mine tried to organize a boycott when the price went up to 35 cents.

And, whenever I bring up the fact that candy bars used to cost a nickel, I make sure to note that, in those days, candy bars were substantially bigger than the ones sold these days. Although Sparkle Girl and Doobins find such facts of marginal interest, Sparkle Girl was attentive when I told her about how, when I was a kid, my dad had to get cash out of the bank before it closed on Friday or do without for the entire the weekend unless he found a store that would cash his check.

Now you can get cash around the clock, and you need cash in fewer and fewer situations. I was struck by how much has changed when a friend and I went down to City Hall. I was surprised to see that the block where we parked no longer has meters. In the middle of the block was a single electronic machine. You feed it and it dispenses a card that you put on the dash. No problem. He inserted his credit card, punched in a request for the hour of credit that 25 cents would buy and out popped a card to put on the dash.

The way that money works has changed at lot not only out in the world but also inside my head over the years. I have felt rich twice in my life - both times in the days when my allowance was 25 cents a week and those substantial candy bars were a nickel.

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One time was when I was spending the afternoon with my father while he went about his business. We stopped at the hospital. He said he needed to go in by himself for a few minutes. He handed me a quarter and told me that I could spend it all at the little store next to the hospital. I could buy five candy bars if I wanted! The other time was when I came across a dollar bill lying in a parking lot all by itself. Finding it like that was perfect. When that memory came to mind recently, I wondered how much it would take for me to ever feel that rich again. Phone Nut Brittle.

Candied Pretzels Gift Baskets. Gift Cards. Party Favors Teacher Gifts. Corporate Accounts. The idea is not that far-fetched. With the rapid acceleration of technology and innovation, new opportunities are arising in fields not yet developed, or that are still being developed. Intimidating as it may sound; it can also be very exciting. Especially when we look further into exactly what types of jobs may exist in the future. Examples range from the expected to what would appear to be outright science fiction.

Such jobs as: Leisure Consultants, Tourist Safety Experts, Robot Technicians, Electronic Mail Technicians, Aquaculturists who will grow produce in water, Aromatherapists who can influence moods with fragrances, and Digital Animators creating virtual actors. Think Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame. Business and manufacturing have the potential to offer an array of new advancements, compared to what we know today. Another area with tremendous potential goes back to the mass communication field and the need for more and more digital storage opportunities.

Digital storage is quickly becoming a critical resource for both businesses and individuals alike. Science is in the early stages of a new process for producing human organs that has the potential to cross over and integrate into the production of multiple products in our environment. The process is called three-dimensional or 3D printing. It uses a custom-designed printer device that includes a cartridge that looks much like a printer cartridge, only it lays down cells instead of ink.

The cells are put down layer by layer until they form a complete organ. This same technology could transform the way consumer products are made in the future. New and interesting fields of study are envisioned, such as mass communication, for instance. In a world where many things are created digitally from voice messages, photos, videos and telecommuting, to potentially wearable media, more advanced entertainment devices, interactive advertising and more, the need for professionals in this wide-ranging field is apparent.

Another area you may have heard mentioned already is the emerging agricultural process. This includes the concept of multi-story greenhouses, located in cities all over the globe, which produce a variety of plants and foods, some even without the need for soil. Consider law enforcement and the expanding role computer and digital forensics might play in it.

In another development, would you believe the technology for fully driverless cars is said to exist already? Imagine the possibilities with this new advancement. Improving safety on the road for one, and the impact it could have on delivery systems worldwide. Although drones are taking a bit of a hit in popularity and acceptance at the moment, they could play an important role in how items are shipped in the future from one place to another in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The realm of career possibilities within just these areas alone is vast. Systems engineering specific to this discipline, the design and development function, and even the actual piloting of drones themselves are all possible career paths that may present themselves to future graduates.

Futurists point out that careers, and subsequent college majors of instruction for those careers, are becoming more and more specialized. These training and continuous education programs offer yet another career opportunity. By teen columnist Isabella Migliarese Break is just around the corner! There are tons of things to do within Winston-Salem and in areas that are just a short distance away, no matter what your hobbies include.

Since the weather is finally warm, you can go horseback riding through Tanglewood, or have a walk with your dogs in the park. Pilot Mountain and Blowing Rock are a little over an hour away, and provide a great place for a group hike and a picnic. If you have the need for speed, Grand Prix in Greensboro is an indoor go-cart racing facility. Outlets in Mebane, NC; if you need a new prize for yourself, they have great deals and a huge selection of retail outlets.

Instead of spending your day at home watching movies and ordering delivery, which we all are guilty of most of the time, venturing out and helping your community will provide more spring break memories. Sometimes having a family night with your favorite movies and meal is the way to go. Nothing is better than some quality family time.

Most of us plan to spend spring break getting together with friends, and some may even have a job opportunity. This break is a good time to look around for possible summer jobs. Applying early is always a great idea, and a week off is plenty of time to look around Winston-Salem for a job that could last throughout the summer.

I wish all those in Forsyth County a wonderful and enjoyable spring break. Stay safe and live adventurously this April! Five servings of fruits and veggies in a single cup? Try the Island Green or the Caribbean Carrot! Tropical Smoothie will cater a tropical stop-over for a couple to a couple hundred hammocks not included. Restaurant Fresh homemade buttermilk biscuits! Please Support Our Advertisers! Every time you use one of these coupons…it proves that it pays to advertise in.

Corbett is estimated that one out of every six Americans will move this year. Some of these moves will be simple moves; just switching homes in the same town. Some of these moves will take a little more planning and will involve a complete lifestyle change from one community to another. For many, moving to new places can be overwhelming, especially when the move is required for work or some other non-social reason.

Once we hit a certain age, it can be hard to meet new people, but luckily Sharon Reiss is here to help! That night I met a handful of people of which only two had met before. Reiss quickly joined several of the meetup groups available in the area because of the low-pressure way to meet new people.

It is so easy these days to not engage; to watch the world go by on Facebook and Pinterest. These meetup groups challenge you to try something new, meet new people and get out of the house. It is a fantastic way to meet people outside of your profession as well. The main search page tells you how many members each group has and when their next meetup is scheduled. Whether you are new to the area or just looking to try a new restaurant or expand your social circle, a meetup group is a great way to do just that!

You can dictate how many emails you want to receive, if any, from each group. The age breakdown of who is attending really depends on the meetup; dinner meetups tend to have a wider age range than bar crawls and ice skating, for instance. We also offer several networking events through events. Each group decides if they charge for events based on sponsorship through groups such as the Winston-Salem Jaycees. I have honestly enriched my life by meeting people and getting out of the house.

I have also had opportunities to experience the arts, go roller skating, swimming in a mountain lake and trying just about every new restaurant in town as well. Like many people, I do not venture out alone, so without these opportunities, I would not have been able to have all these great experiences. The only thing you have to fear is that first step; once you come out to something you'll never look back. Susan and Martin Gilmore were the Gala Chairs and did a wonderful job cultivating community and corporate support to make this event memorable and successful.

Art then assembled a choral group of children and adults, all of whom have T1D, who performed at the Gala. If you would like to have your event in an upcoming issue,please contact Heather Spivey at heather forsythmags. Imagination will take you everywhere. We Goofed. Cooking With Kids for Spring By Kristi Marion fun pancakes, here is a neat trick I discovered years ago: wash out an empty squirt bottle ketchup, squeeze jelly, squeeze mayo, etc.

Using the squirt bottle of pancake batter, first draw the outline of your shape, in this case, a bunny. Draw in the outline of his cheeks and fill with the un-tinted batter.

airbound trampoline park coupon

Fill the ears with un-tinted batter as well. Fill in the rest of the face with the pink batter. Flip the prettiest side face-up! SPRING WORMS AND DIRT Ingredients: - Pre-packaged chocolate pudding cups - 2—3 chocolate sandwich cookies such as Oreos per pudding cup - gummy worms - pastel sprinkles Directions: 1 Remove pudding cup covers 2 Let kids help remove frosting from sandwich cookies, 3 Then have them crumble sandwich cookie sides inside a zip-lock bag 4 Kids can then place cookie crumbs as dirt over the pudding, insert gummy worms, and decorate with pastel sprinkles before digging in.

Liberty Street. Grab a friend and the kids for a morning of fun! And, as always, each adult receives four tickets for our fabulous prize board drawings! We are a not-for-profit organization serving the triad area with art education for adults and children. Also, we furnish painted memory boxes for Brenner's Children's Hospital. Artists, crafters, jewelry, food vendors and much more for a fun-filled day! Free admission and plenty of free parking.

Also, register for TONS of prizes and giveaways! See you there! Michele Scott will speak about "Quilt as Desired.

Extreme Dodge Ball - Rockin' Jump Winston-Salem

Soccer for children ages The sale will feature annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees and will include an educational program each day of the sale at 11am. All proceeds from this sale go to further the gardens at the Arboretum and adult educational programs held monthly at the Arboretum. Free Tanglewood admission for the sale. Master Gardener Curators Anne Hester and Peg Simm will lead a tour of the wildflower garden and identify flowers blooming along the trails.

This walk will be in conjunction with the annual plant sale, and you will be able to purchase plants for sale in the Arboretum Greenhouse and Nursery. This fundraiser will give six children loving, permanent homes. Proceeds benefit Brenner Children's Hospital. Registration required: brennerchildrens. Spring and summer children's clothing, toys, books, shoes, baby equipment, maternity clothes and much more! Our mission is to foster a greater appreciation of cinema and a deeper understanding of the many people, cultures and perspectives of our world through regular interaction with great films and filmmakers.

Register online at www. Walk is family friendly and includes a hot dog lunch and door prizes. Registration opens at am, and the walk starts at 10am. Check out our website for a complete Calendar Listing! This will be a family event with live music, artist, games, food and local vendors.

Offers free photography for families of babies in the neo-natal intensive care unit NICU. Email capturinghopes gmail. Donations accepted. Come taste all the finest foods in town at these wonderful establishments. Participating businesses will welcome all Forsyth Woman readers interested in making the year to get healthy!

No registration required. See ad in this issue for participating locations. Cocktail hour, fine dining by Holly Tate, The Authoring Action Assegai Ensemble, silent and live auctions and recognition of community heroes. Approximately 62, square feet of space that houses more than 15 departments including clothing, books, antiques and more! Proceeds from the sale allow the Junior League to improve the community through various charitable programs including Kids in the Kitchen and Girls on the Run. For ticket information visit www.

Walk MS speeds new treatments for people with MS, ensures financial support for people dealing with the havoc MS causes and supports local programs. No registration fee. Visit www. Build you coolest Keva structure, snap a picture and post it on SciWorks' Facebook page by April 10th. Parents, learn how to build a solid financial foundation, the power of saving and setting goals for yourself and your family. Sponsored by Principal Financial Group.

This touring exhibit features the work of photographer and world traveler Robert Radin. Learn how to set up financial plans to ensure your wishes for your special need dependents are met. Family YMCA. For runners and walkers of all levels and ages. Cost varies. Just in time for Mother's Day, shop till you drop! A full day of fun for women of all ages with more than 20 vendors, a silent auction and refreshments. Join us for a fabulous evening with a silent and live auction, hors d'oeuvres and beverages, complimentary beer and wine, cash bar, cocktail attire, DJ and dancing and valet parking.

Workout to contemporary Christian music with devotion and prayer! Designed for women of all ages and fitness levels. Participation is FREE and open to members and non-members. Trinity Presbyterian Church, Bolton Street. Hula hoop cardio class for women and girls ages nine and up. Burn hundreds of calories in an hour. Hoops provided and available for purchase. Beginners welcome! Blocks are provided! Stratford Landscape Supply Susan G.

Merhoff, DDS God Encounters WS Dash Home Instead Silver Sponsors King and so many other men and women of courage who also suffered a wilderness, yet pressed through their dark seasons to some distant Resurrection. What the Broadcast Call Letters Mean? Corbett hunting can be an exhausting process, full of intense sales pitches and more information than most people need or can remember, once they have departed the complex.

No Insura Wellness E nce? The WomanCare offers free childcare for patients during their appointments five days a week from 8—1. Photos by Phil Ponder Many moms and dads really enjoy the convenience and peace of mind, knowing that their children are right down the hall and receiving excellent care while they are talking with providers.

Lewisville Family and Pediatric Dentistry would like to welcome Dr. Gavin Uchida Dr. Uchida, Dr. Browder, Dr. Kinlaw, Dr. Ward Thanks to the overwhelming support from our patients, and in order to meet increasing demand, it has become necessary to add an additional experienced pediatric dentist to our practice. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Peterson Family Dental was founded almost 40 years ago with the cornerstone goal of offering patients excellence in preventative dental care.

Clemmons dental treatments. Photos by The Portrait Gallery New patients are welcome! Welcoming Dr. Sahana Peoples to Our Practice Put a little spring in your bite. Unique Centennial Commemorative Items For more information about all Winston-Salem Centennial events, details about Centennial Bucks and opportunities to purchase commemorative centennial merchandise, go to So Many Reasons Discover your own reasons! Reason No. Mike Riccoboni, D. A fun-filled family day! Peterson Photos by One Shot Photography of us seek help for our aches and pains in a reactive manner, always playing catch-up, responding to a negative physical event that has already occurred.

Spinal health has a long-term impact on function affected by the central nervous system, influencing every organ system of the body. COM Please contact me to Buy or Sell Your Home! Send your suggestions for future House 2 Home topics to robin forsythfamilymagazine. We destroy crabgrass year-round. Call for a FREE lawn analysis!