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Or Purina has Strategy or Omolene as well as several others. If you go with Triple Crown they have one called Training. How hard is your horse working? Is he an easy keeper? LMF also has one called Super Supplement. So has this customer saved herself money by going with the Strategy? Strategy Healthy Edge has a recommended serving size of 7.

If she is only going to feed 2lbs per day, her feed dollars would be far better invested in the Enrich 32 ration balancer and this is likely why the feed store staff are trying hard to sell her on the more expensive ration balancer. The balancer is more expensive because it is far more nutrient dense than the other feeds and this has a smaller recommended serving size.

How Much Grain Should You Feed A Horse - Hay Is Better Than Grain - Sweet Feed Is NOT Food

Now as to whether the Enrich 32, Triple Crown 30 or Super Supplement would be the best choice that will depend on a number of different factors including the type of hay being fed and what else may be in the diet, and whether you want a fixed formula fixed ingredient feed. This is precisely the kind of issue that an independent equine nutritionist can help you with. Hopefully this little example has helped to explain why it can seem why the feed stores are trying to get you to buy the more expensive feed. The expensive feed may be a bad choice for one horse and the cheaper feed a bad choice for another.

For further examples on comparing cost per day based on serving sizes for some of the feeds discussed in this article check out the following table. Daily cost comparison for various feeds made by 3 manufacturers. When a range of recommended intakes is given the lowest was used for the purposes of this article.

Prices are based on feed stores local to Sacramento on February 8th All information provided here is for illustrative purposes only and is not a feeding recommendation for any particular horse. What an excellent article. Thank you! And, could you recommend a good supplement to go with that since my warmbld medium work is lbs.

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Would I feed less supplement? Liz 1 quart of the original Strategy weighs 1. If you feed less than they recommend then you will likely need some form of additional supplement to insure adequate trace mineral and vitamin intakes. But this is the precise purpose of my nutritional evaluations and ration formulations. I work with you to determine exactly what products would be the best for your horse given all the pertinent information.

Let me know if I can help. So your information really valuable for me. I just came across your article. It is really helpful at this time. I have a 7 yo Tb gelding. He will be used as a Hunter Jumper. Meaning not much supplements added. He gets about 9 grain and 1 bran per day along with a good quality hay. Hay is accessible all day and then he gets about flakes evening. Thanks for the great article and the help. In her Summit Equine Nutrition program, she's worked with a wide range of horses from lactating mares to competitive driving […].

Could you please give advice on how to help my pony loose weight. He is 6 years old, He is in light work-about 25minutes three times a week. I have gradually cut the grain to a small hand full a day and have changed the main feed to hay. He is in a small pasture. I will also increase his work not ridden work, just groundwork. Could you please help.

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This is my first pony, so I just allowed the barn manager to feed him, but he picked up a lot of weight in 6 months. The other twoother ponies at the barn are extremely obese. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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He developed laminitis last year and seemed to come through it by stalling him and feeding him only hay, 1 cup TC Balancer and biotin for about 3 months. He relapsed last November. They test every load of grain that is used in their feed for mold and protein content. You get the same thing in the first bag as you get in the 30th bag. The Platform has supplements in it already according to which type you get.

They say do not add any supplements because that will throw off the balance. There is a locator on their website. Plus they have great prizes. But if you read the ingredients it is made out of sawdust, motor oil, dirt. Anyone can make a feed that sounds good. But is it made of things that will benefit your animal? You can get coupons for buy 2 get 2 free of any lifestyle feed at the HOW or in any horse magazine. This is a great value, Omolene is With all the choices of feed out there it is a good idea to research and compare them.

You don't have to be an expert. You just have to try what you think is good and if it works great, if not try again. But Purina has never done me wrong. I've compared the tags and they are identical. I have a gelding who I treated for ulcers in the past and my vet told me to feed him the Safe Choice feed.

It is supposed to be really good for digestive upsets like colic,ulcers etc. I feed beet pulp shreds and Purina Omolene I live the Omolene feeds, the horses love them, and my vet loves them. The are great quality, gives a good amount of 'controlled energy', and don't make the horse hot. I used the 'Buy 2, Get 2 free' coupons, so it come out cheaper than the lowest quality feed available at the feed store. It last longer than other feeds, also because you feed less.

I use on average 4 bags in 2? I am not totally committed to their product. In just 6 weeks i've seen a huge difference in my horses Triple Crown Feed. It's not a newcomer, but has been around on the east coast for more than 20 yrs, mostly on racetracks where they are pickier than ANYONE else out there. It's now being marketed all across the US. I'm completely sold, but of course it doesn't mean it's going to be the only good one out there I totally agree with Bumper. I switched my 2 from Purina to the Triple Crown lite.

Dumor Feed Coupons

Very low in starch. I had my 11 yr. Switched him to the TC and he is a completely different horse. I had my 24 yr.

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I always recommend everyone to Dr. Getty's site, she is a equine nutritionist and she is the one who got me switched. She is a godsend. Her website is www. Best of Luck.


Luckily our feed guy has education in feed. I know this is not always avaliable to everyone. I am not a pellet feed person. I'd feed oats before I'd feed a pellet. Our hay is tested so we know how much protien,mositure,etc is in it. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.