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Here, too, big or heavy items might be subject to a surcharge. Unfortunately, no. This retailer will take the coupon or apply a price match, whichever gives the best deal for you. This retailer also imposes several restrictions. This makes it easy for in-store shopping as well as in-store pick up or returns on merchandise. However, many consumers love to shop online, and both stores provide an abundant selection of merchandise that can be delivered right to your door. You can track your order online with both retailers. You also can sign up for mailed, emailed or mobile messages at buybuy BABY, and Babies R Us emails special offers, alerts, sales notices and coupons.

Target provides online sales for baby items, a registry, gift cards and coupons for online and in-store purchases. You must pay more if you want faster delivery, and Target can apply a handling fee if your items needs special care in transit. In our research, prices for baby items generally seemed to be similar to other retailers. I will be calling before going from now on.

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Diaper, formula, detergent, Legos and it feels like half the store is excluded from discount. The whole thing is s sham. It is clear that Toy r us are doing a misleading and misrepresenting marketing campaign. They should be sued. It is a waste of time going to Toys r us, especially the Lewsville one. If you mean liquidation company are crazy then, yes.

But like loans sometimes they are needed. They do the increase and are in charge of discounts at this point. This is normal for any liquidation. There are rules and regulations the loan company gives them. No prices have been changed at all… they are the same as they were before thus all started. And no food.

Well have to check back much later.. This is one of the original store closing stores. I have one of each near me. Ive heard that some stores are jacking up the prices then reducing them. Every liquidation is like that Kmart just did it the same way they out prices where the market calls for, then reduces from there. Like if mattel says a hot wheels should be 1. They reduce from the suggested retail price. And note that they owe the large companies like hasbro and mattel big money, so those toys are probably some of the last to be reduced.

By chance have you checked the west side one? They were scheduled to close in April. Went to the one off gateway today and nothing. Once they hire a liquidation co, the prices are set by them based on the amt of debt TRU is trying to clear out. Anytime a company hires these ppl, everything is up to them… dates the sale changes, discount amts, etc. They are not accepting any coupons. Everything else I can find at Amazon, Target, or Walmart for better prices, but it was worth a look. I just decided to google liquidation process wow very interesting reading.

Happy shopping and good luck on finding some good deals. At nearly every store that goes into liquidation the prices are raised before the so-called closing sales start. No thanks! Even the recent Kmart closings had everyone in the store commenting on the higher prices that had been jacked up from their original high prices. This is why they are further with percentage. They will however accept any previously earned rewards dollars. However, the locations that are further along in the process up to 60 percent and higher do not accept rewards dollars.

Also all sales are final no returns or exchanges so buyer beware. There are NO price matches, or price adjustments. In the beginning stages of the liquidation process before up to 40 percent signage game consoles and diapers were excluded. Furthermore, each store is different with percentages it is based on product availability, and liquidator of that locations discretion.

My location in NJ our liquidator usually increased percentage off every week by 10 percent until sales spiked and we stayed at that percent for an additional week. For example, if it states up to 40 percent the items in the store will be between 10 and 40 percent off shelf price. And final note, we will accept gift cards until the very last day, there is no deadlines. People have been so rude since liquidation I just want to remind people that we are ALL losing our jobs it would help if people were a tad more compassionate or understanding.

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Also majority of Legos were excluded. The liquidator set to that location is the one who handles this. We do not control any mark ups, or percentages. Oh wow! Thanks a bunch for all of the helpful feedback! Sure is good to know how this sale may work in each store.

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Thank you for sharing! I had a question about the stores that were announced on the first list of closing stores and you answered it! The store was deserted. I called before going there and no one even bothers picking up. What I wonder about is what will happen to all the unsold stuff? I was able to find some good deals but you really have to look through stuff and then you have to check against walmart or target and amazon prices to see if you are really getting a good deal.

I had to put half of the stuff in my cart back after price checking.

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If the price was only a few dollars cheaper then walmart I also put it back. People buying tons of stuff, but prices are still higher than Walmart, etc. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! What are ya waiting for?! By Angela Staff Writer. Getting Toasty! Hiplist Print 86 Comments. Did You See These? Reply 1.

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Reply 3. Me March 27, at pm MST. Jen March 27, at pm MST. Deanne March 27, at pm MST. March 27, at pm MST.

Is this one of the originally closing stores or one of the second set? Tricia March 27, at pm MST. Kraftykim7 March 27, at pm MST. Natty March 27, at pm MST. Kat March 27, at pm MST. Wow where is this Store!!! Reply 2. Bethany March 27, at pm MST. Hi Irene!

We have added a note for clarification! Dee March 27, at pm MST. Nathalie March 27, at pm MST. Jessie March 27, at pm MST.

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Arlene March 28, at am MST. Lesliee March 27, at pm MST. Ann March 27, at pm MST.

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Went to store yesterday. Michele March 27, at pm MST. Does anyone have any info on the stores in Michigan?