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We look for runners to test our running gear and who are up for a challenge on some of the best running trails in the world, like the Lofoten Islands in Norway.

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Will you be the ultimate runner? Whether you are going to run in the woods in warm weather or on the mountains in windy conditions, you will find the perfect running outfit in our collection. Our ambassadors have picked out their favourite pieces the collection. Run Layer On.

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Raw Collection. RAW Collection. Watch the episodes here. Gurus often pass down a bespoke mantra to their students. And japa is a practice in which you move individual beads of a mala through your fingers as you repeat a mantra.

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You can do this in a certain pattern for example, you might silently repeat the mantra once on each inhalation and once on each exhalation , or let the mantra take on a pattern of its own. When your mind wanders, simply notice and bring your attention back to the mantra. Create space for your consciousness to return to its natural state in Alan's Master Class on how to find clarity and peace through meditation. In this meditation, you silently repeat mantras to direct love and compassion toward difficult people in your life—including yourself.

I love you. That is very empowering. In classic Buddhism, love is the answer to fear—making it an antidote to both chronic self-criticism and divisive sociopolitical dialogues. Begin offering these wishes to yourself, and conclude by extending them to all beings everywhere. In Tantra practices, chakras are wheels of energy connected to different levels of consciousness.

They are strung along the sushumna nadi —a central channel of prana , or life force, that runs from the base of your spine up through the crown of your head. In general, when the chakras are closed, your energies are blocked, leaving you dull and stagnant. Drawing attention and directing your breath into the central channel turns your prana inward to open up blocked chakras and allow energy to flow harmoniously, Kempton says. The secret of actually being in meditation is being in the sushumna nadi. Of course, not everyone experiences the kind of subtle body explosions Kempton is talking about on the first try.

However, since this practice is profoundly centering, even without the fireworks, it can be a powerful meditation style. Sign up for each of our weekly webinars. Poses by Anatomy. Poses by Level. The Yoga for You. Types of Poses. Yoga Sequences. Yoga by Benefit.

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Yoga for Beginners. Intermediate Yoga. Advanced Yoga. Yoga History of Yoga. Imagine the time you'll save! Imagine spending your days not struggling to balance on slick river rocks, but going about your business whatever that may be!


And imagine the heart-and-brain healthy benefits of a steady supply of life-giving fish oil. It can all be yours with this GNC coupon. And that's not even the half of it because you'll also start earning points for every dang thing you buy.

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Plus, you'll get a free birthday gift. Just click here to get on it. When you stock up on food from GNC, get 1 free with your purchase of 5. Find out more here! Reduce stress and inflammation CBD. The new, natural remedy is a cannabinoid, but is not psychoactive and has shown positive results.

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